I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

  1. Just actually got a .84 of this the other day and it is incredible. Flavor is nothing like any other strain I’ve tried. Could be them or the dispensary, but I’d just reach out to them.

  2. Take notes on what works for you. Try everything at least once. Rotate your strains. Let others know what you think!

  3. Why is the island chill only cured for 2 weeks😐 certified lackin🤦‍♂️

  4. Ehh, I mean if it tastes good and hits like he says it does who cares.

  5. ITT: Complaining about a passing mold count and then buying flower from companies that don’t publicize their full labs.

  6. I’d love to see some strain old school hash. I did hear about companies selling temple balls but I am not sure whether those can be trusted. Never tried AR’s hash coins.

  7. Can’t wait to try one of these!! Rechargeable?

  8. These .35 ones are not but the curbside guy at Firelands was telling me they come in larger rechargeable disposables or pod form available in other states like that state up north, so hopefully soon here as well.

  9. Fingers crossed. Sounds like a solid product so they’ll probably expand into other dispensaries if they can!

  10. Try rotating your strains. You are an OG so you probably get this already, but even the heaviest hitters will start to lag after heavy regular use. Rotating strains helps. Put your regular rotation on the back burner for a bit. Try some new stuff then come back to it.

  11. They have a variance that allowed them to sell slightly more than 590. Up into the 640s. It’s probably a 1-day.

  12. Just the name dude. Peanut is a specific thing. Nothing to do with cannabis. You’re good!

  13. Gotta love the anti-Klutch mafia out in force today downvoting everyone. If the products were that bad they’d speak for themselves. They aren’t. Punishing people for saying they are great only shows it isn’t true.

  14. When they are cut with 20% terps, they are lower in THC. You are also looking at total THC. The new live resin pods/carts by them also have THCa as well as THC. 100 mg of THCa only counts as 87.7 mg of THC with the way they are required to report total potency.

  15. Thank you for this… so it’s almost an illusion?

  16. Ehh I mean the numbers will be on the label, so you can see what’s in it. But the other guy who responded is correct. Gotta look at the whole picture. See what the terp content is, and any other cannabinoids under the total THC calculation. The beauty of a good live resin oil is that it should have much much higher terps. The theory is that you’re getting more entourage effect for less THC. Cannabis terps are liquid gold for these guys which is part of why they cost more. It’s probably a little bit of all of these things.

  17. These are made with botanical terps and additives. Not all additives are terps although all can be sourced “naturally” or appear in nature.

  18. You are really going to ruin RSO for all of us by advertising that it can be eaten like this. They’re going to take it off the market if they think too many people are “misusing it” in this way.

  19. I would go with a cake or something gassy. My friends and I used to do this and called it “Snoop Dogg time.” Some gas seems fitting!!

  20. This is most likely a food grade powder used in packaging for food and medicine. It’s pretty common and would have come from whoever made the bags. It’s the white powder on bubble gum and pills and stuff like that.

  21. Looks good! How sweet is it? Sweet stuff tears my stomach.

  22. Only 2 grams of sugar per 10mg serving. 20grams in the entire bottle. That’s actually a lot less than soda or fruit juice!

  23. Awesome! Thank you!!! Any aspertame or stevia?

  24. I'm not happy with klutch for being like the best in ohio the pods and cartridges don't even come In full grams like really why we're the one's getting ripped off

  25. They give you .84 to maximize potency without counting too many days. A two day supply of oil at max allowable potency would be 1.68 grams. If they give you a 1 gram cart, it counts as two days without giving you the extra oil. That’s why all processors fill to .84g. Due to program rules.

  26. I got a Ancient Roots live resin cartridge it worked and tasted good then maybe quarter way threw it got burnt taste and it barley hit it was expensive also what's wrong with all of us

  27. Well, I think there are a few issues. Even the best hardware out there is coming from China most of the time, and over the past few years that’s meant significant quality control issues. I don’t like blaming processors and cultivators for leaks and burnt taste like this because I think a lot of it is hardware. It could be how it is being used and stored too. For AR live rosin, rosin is pretty sticky and doesn’t move around as freely in the pod. So you want to store them upright and take your time between draws to let the oil reabsorb in the wick. If you hit it in quick succession it doesn’t always have a chance so you are vaping a semi dry wick and that will cause it to burn and taste bad. I do that for all of my carts and pods. Carts are hardier but pods are finickier. That’s what you gotta deal with for the benefits of a pod.

  28. This is a great way to describe it. Never heard someone describe it like that!

  29. Thanks for the kind words --- That's literally what it is though, if you compare both the lineage & COAs.

  30. My bad. I thought my response got down voted too. Seriously, my bad. Didn’t mean to be an asshole, it’s just there are a lot of toxic people sometime in these threads when you’re just trying to help people. No worries man, enjoy the AR. Always good. My go to as well, dropped thousands on them and never had a bad batch of anything.

  31. No worries man. I liked the review. Am an IBD guy. Always appreciate reviews like this.

  32. I guess more areas that are decriminalized will make the eventual passage of recreational use easier, but I can’t help but think that’s the issue we should all be voting on tomorrow. Too many shenanigans in this state.

  33. Rs are going to make this hard, my friend. We’ll get there though!

  34. How does this compare to Riviera’s? I love GC. Looks caked!

  35. My guess: This isn’t a failure. It’s an issue with the lab. Program won’t let failing stuff get to market like this. These results are entered in to the systems the state uses to track stuff.

  36. I can post these for almost any processor in Ohio lol, it’s not about Klutch specifically. (And I would venture to say most budtenders aren’t looking at product manifests, but I could be wrong)

  37. You downvoted me but did not answer my question. Is this 6 months old?

  38. I didn’t downvote you lol why does it matter when it was

  39. I mean, you know what you’re doing. This issue was already blown up on here and addressed by the company 6 months ago. You held this for 6 months. You are taking it out of context now and making people think it’s current. Youve been talking up the same vapes in the interim. So, why mess with them now? Just feels like you’re trolling and kicking someone when they are down.

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