1. There are a ton of good cultivators that offer good halves besides Grow Ohio.

  2. I had a white truffle pod with 6mg of CBD and 634mg of THC, I think because it was more than 75% THC they added CBD to dilute it. It’s 0.7% CBD.

  3. If it doesn’t say CBD isolate in the ingredients, it’s naturally occurring.

  4. It will be in Archived for sure ! Why would I lie what do I gain man ? Honestly tell me one reason ?

  5. Already said I’m 100 percent sure I don’t have to read that ! That’s false info bro ! Your talking about me spreading false info when that site your send is false !!! Not official site

  6. Those terps are actually on the lower side-standard for a live product, after you do the math it's only about 8.5% for the top tested terp

  7. I don’t know. Looking at the first terp alone is not really a good way to quantify the terp content.

  8. Suggested retail price means most these dispensaries are going to add an additional 10-15 dollars.

  9. They are calling it out to force them to price fairly.

  10. Used one-hitters to try this one out. I got a brief whiff of a feminine shampoo on the first French inhale. Blows out the nose with aromas of roasted espresso and marshmallow. Juicy. Basically the same terpene (and thus smell in the bag too) profile as Heatlocker. The in-bag aromas are strongly herbal, earthy, not grassy but fresh, very strong, mildly sweet. Not sour, not diesel, not cheesy, nothing weird. Terpene profile deciphers into a nice balanced high with just a sniff of myrcene to balance the uplifting limonene. Also has pain-relieving linalool which can be more sedating when paired with higher levels of myrcene in my experience. Same machine-trimmed close cut buds as most other Klutch strains. Nice and frosty with trichomes nonetheless.

  11. Great review! Really appreciate the thought that went into this. For me, big head is like a gassier version of sherbhead, so I get the heatlocker reference. Sherbhead and ice cream cake are similar in flavor, and ice cream cake is in the lineage of heatlocker while sherbhead is in the lineage of big head. I think if you trade heatlocker’s Chem for gas and dial up the berry you are getting close to big head. It’s just way gassier than ice cream cake, sherbhead, and heatlocker for me. I’ve hit them all and thought they were each way different, but when you compare them and search for it, the similarity is definitely there. Only thing I would add is that I don’t think they are machine trimmed. Klutch is not doing that anymore for any of their flower (silver or gold) last i heard, but they do still like a really close cut (think opposite of rough cut… not sure how to describe it). I think part of what we interpret as machine trim is the close cut plus the large batch sizes they produce. The ends aren’t all buzzed off like normal tumbled/machined weed. Who knows. Either way, great review. Really enjoyed it and love the tasting notes.

  12. This is great news, I’m seriously so stoked, but I don’t understand how the state doesn’t see the glaring error of opening up more dispos while keeping the number of cultivators - and how much space they’re allowed to use to grow - the same.

  13. They are letting all of them double in size and many that have licenses aren’t even open yet!

  14. They’re allowing all of the current cultivators double in size? Is that official?

  15. Firelands had one called shark shock at one point!

  16. They aren’t really allowed to use bad pesticides in Ohio and I rarely if ever see any detectable limit for pesticides on a COA from any of them.

  17. Amber Heard has yet to take the stand. But Amber Turd has been heard loud and clear around the world.

  18. Take it out of the battery and suck on it a bit as if you were hitting it in short bursts. You can taste the terps that way and tell them apart.

  19. Standard and klutch seem solid on reply’s most likely because they are more active social media wise and care more 🤣

  20. Agree. Klutch, Standard, Certified and a few others are really good at responding and making things right if they can. I think Buckeye also is pretty good. I haven’t tried Grow Ohio customer service but have read mixed reviews here. Some have luck and others don’t but who knows what people are sending them.

  21. Make sure you use the right battery. They can only guarantee they work if you use the approved battery.

  22. The thing is that they KNOW you’re going to use your own battery. Other companies don’t ask this. A cart is a cart. It should work without clogging. That sounds like bad hardware or the stuff isn’t formulated properly for carts. Sucks because I have wanted to try these but I’d be so bummed if it only worked halfway through and then they wouldn’t cover me or wouldn’t respond.

  23. Keep in mind that these are average prices for plant material. Cultivators like Buckeye, Grow, and Klutch may list at $36-40 for a tenth of an ounce, but I regularly get jars on sale from these three for less than $30 when they are 25% to 30% off. Those sales are where most of the weight is purchased. Additionally, tenth ounce jars are the most expensive way to purchase flower. Most of the weight is bought on sale or in bulk. I think the data is probably correct based on these. They are citing Ohio program data.

  24. Keep mine in a sealed Tupperware container in the fridge.

  25. No. But I have read you can damage your lungs doing it. My theory is that we’ve come a long way from hitting nasty bowls in the back seat and trying to hold it in as long as possible. You’ve got nothing to prove. Just enjoy your meds!

  26. This happens to almost every post sadly BUT I would say this has been far less of a great release and more of a fumble on Klutches side. They started making lots of posts building hype for them then it seems they had a very limited release of an item MANY people were excited to try... Seemingly just to get an item out before BE was about to hit the market with theirs. That's just my point of view for the situation anyways.

  27. Really? Seems like they made no posts about it until it dropped GO has been promising them for months and keeps delaying. That’s why everyone was surprised.

  28. That’s a leak. Contact them and they will make it right.

  29. It’s probably due to oxidation. As others have said, very mild thc breakdown as well, but i think the color is just due to oxidation. No worries. These are fine to use. They won’t really go bad as long as the hardware holds up and they are stored right (to prevent clogs and leaks). You may just notice a loss in flavor due to terpene breakdown and evaporation. My guess is any potency loss would be minimal.

  30. I’m lazy and don’t want to look but is there a rule against them posting on here?

  31. This isn’t them. OP is a well known activist in Ohio. They posted this on insta.

  32. I wonder how much of this started after a klutch employee called Ohio medical cannabis patients a bunch of addicts and drug feins (not a direct quote but something very similar)? I remember a lot of people being very upset and taking it very personal.

  33. Still bullshit. That was like a year ago and they fired the dude right away. People were upset when they thought the guy would get away with it. He did not.

  34. Not saying you are wrong. BUT, you are going to ruin dablicator RSO oil for people by posting this for Pharmacy to read. Pretty soon they are going to end up not allowing processors to sell activated oil like this for vaporization. Activated RSO is one of the best kept “secrets” for patients in this Program.

  35. Just a friendly PSA. Cannabis works like an anti-depressant. If you go from an ultra high tolerance to quitting cold turkey, you will experience withdrawal symptoms that range from mild caffeine withdrawal to rage/irritability/sleeplessness/headache/etc. It takes about 48 hours for them to set in and then about 2 weeks to clear if this happens to you. During that time it’s easy to just start using again because the symptoms will go away.

  36. Thanks but def not my question. Idk if it’s 510 or luster or whatever company. I just need to know the right one…. The klutch pods are not full spectrum, correct? And personally I don’t know the difference between full spectrum and distillate as far as the medicine is concerned. I would get Ancient Roots live rosins but they just aren’t available. So my question was, who makes the second best pods and why?? I’m getting some grow Ohio, elxr and Klutch pods cause they are all on sale. But I hear rhythm is also good. I am just confused and don’t want to fuck my meds up with shitty distillate. I was told the POW carts and lusters were great. They taste like distillate and zero terps with cbd. Idk if any of this makes sense. I just can’t drop anymore money on garbage 🗑

  37. Klutch pods are full spectrum co2 oil just like the rest. You should also look into live resin, resin, and live rosin carts/pods.

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