1. Hmmm…there’s a word for this…it’s in the top of my tongue…

  2. Short Round would pile on you there, too. You just need to learn to sleep in a ball on top of the pillows without blankets. No problem...

  3. the MN winter chill and the lack of blankets while not an issue for them, isn't really all that appealing to myself..

  4. (From Alberta with just one bed hog Newf who is blowing her coat with nuclear furocity atm) totally understand...

  5. Every companies that want to do business or making money in China have to abide Chinese law in China.

  6. Clickbait headline: 'Apple conforms to China's rules' would have been more accurate.

  7. Unpopular opinion: vigilante justice is not really justice. Don’t get me wrong, I would have had similar thoughts about doing away with this guy had he harmed a relative. However, he did not receive due process and a trial.

  8. Did you miss the Florida location? US's #1 entry in the floundering democracy pageant...

  9. The Democrats could field a trout and it would win in 2024 with the insanity within the GOP.

  10. Crap. Actually sounds like a statesman. Why couldn't he do that whilst he held office?!?

  11. Pretty intense in an area that doesn't see many. Any idea what caused them?

  12. App called MarineTraffic (free) shows positions of cargo ships. If conditions are correct, you can see profiles (not details) 10-15 miles from shore (my personal experience). I believe this area also has military vessels that would not display on this civilian app, FYI. There are plenty of ships out there now to account for your photo (very nice, btw).

  13. Is something from the Drumheller dinosaur bones leaching into all the aquifers and somehow morphing AB's citizens into neanderthals?!?

  14. You say this as if Ontario's premier wasnt a world-class moron.

  15. Not mutually exclusive... but AB does seem to be contributing with disproportionate generosity to Canada's wacko population atm.

  16. You need to share with couple that burned their hot cocoa last night. They need help...

  17. The guy who accidentally set his baked mac and cheese (which was in a glass casserole dish) on a hot burner may also need some assistance

  18. Just keep horrifying us with the insane utterances of the far right: maybe we'll follow Australia's lead and be willing to move closer to the political center.

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