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  1. i also have almost 2500 hours, playing from day 1. took a break in btwn for 1-2 months, main is 1502, rest are 3x 1460 and 3x 1445.

  2. Which side will fill first? (Answer in 2 second or we will nuke ur country.)

  3. So easy to hurt these reaper players.

  4. i dont care,male, female, goblin, mushroom,cyborg, i m too horny, i will do all of them

  5. Bro ,naw naw naw naw naw ,helllll nooo

  6. i hate that this is ps exclusive for first 6 months

  7. Then it comes to PC, not Xbox tho 🤣🤣🤣

  8. she can smash me anyday

  9. I m pretty sure she is a child, that MF shandy doesn't look like a child.

  10. "Ummm i just took this pic, i wanted to post this,what caption would be suitable for that, let's see , yeah mobile gaming shitty : valorant gaming good"

  11. here comes the weekly karmawhoring post

  12. animal meat is stablished business

  13. The lore, the open world, the amounts of weapons, sorcery, incantation, and them requiring different stats and their scaling ,the use of weapons on both hands,the enemy variety, the sheer amount of replaybility. This game was made with love.

  14. I once got three grudge legendary back 2 back from cube, then a epic grudge.

  15. this elden ring from dodi is taking years to install

  16. LOOK LOIS, Gengar nipples

  17. once tears of the kingdom releases its over for them mfs

  18. Actually, u should change the curve of eyes.

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