1. I pay my primary on call tech a stipend of 125$ each time they’re on call for the week. Their backup gets $50. Each call is OT as they’re hourly. If you’re salary, define if you’re exempt. We provide the phone. We’re very firm with our rules for support- if it’s an outage, the call is supported. If it’s a password reset because the user is a dummy, they can call back during regular hours.

  2. As soon as the rate increase was announced, I entered it into my budget spreadsheet. Gotta plan next year’s fun stuff.

  3. I'm 100 as of Oct this yearwith two kids and married, up fromy 10% since EAS. We're going to get rid of all our debt so fucking fast in 2023

  4. I just want a chant like Jacksonville gave him during a pre-season game - "YOU SICK FUCK, YOU SICK FUCK"

  5. As a light brown man, I would like to say, “Yes, please, me too. Thank you.”

  6. Its an amazing experience if you move to a well run org.

  7. Our two Ryans that touch the ball every play fucking suck

  8. Been married 15 years, we took each other's V card. We laugh during sex. I love it

  9. Ryan Kelly is old and recently went through a major trauma. So I wouldn't use the word bum.

  10. Been through it with my son: Anenchephaly, born at 16 weeks. I got to hold him at least....

  11. Ya, I just got 100pt and have a wife and two kids. 2023 I'll be making more off the VA than I did my first year as an IT manager

  12. It doesn't - just a statement that your PTSD is related to combat exposure vs MST or other.

  13. Just started process last week, 6.25 VA

  14. Thank God I'm flying in and out of Buffalo wed/thur

  15. How many applicants are from different countries entirely? I'm getting discouraged seeing 200 applications to each role.

  16. Not very many, or at least HR doesn't send too many through.

  17. I don't have HR filtering mine... It's insane the number of people from other countries who apply for what is literally a help desk job (or maybe a very Jr. SysAdmin with help desk at best).

  18. While the IT side isn't into trade secrets, our company is - in our industry in the last 10 years alone we have over 30+ patents so overseas isn't ever considered. Having HR filter has been phenomenal

  19. That fucking head bob... Horseshit

  20. I might be in the minority, but I wish he didn't have his Hoarah Hogan phase.

  21. Radagon is my favorite, Elden Beast the least

  22. Yeah Colts will have a hard time moving to grass due to the stadium not supporting it-better be some nice ass alternative

  23. Ah, I see you have the premium package over our standard package of support. They actually stay online and try to assist??? Wtf

  24. yep, I have an employee like that - Dude has only called off when he's been sick, is in constant contact about his work, and kicks ass day to day. He needs a half day off coming up, he's used his time this year due to other circumstances. I didnt bat an eye - he wont get paid for the time, but it took me all of 3 seconds to say "yes" once he explained what was going on.

  25. Bears know press conference disasters too… we’re fucked

  26. We maintain about 50 new PCs for deployment - 25 are deployed, order a new set of 25.

  27. Yes, but the quality of the fill in certainly varies

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