Hi, I’m Tobey Maguire, actor/executive producer of BABYLON and occasional superhero. AMA!

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Just seeing what's going on

  1. We won 3 out of 4 quarters. Shot more free throws. And lost.

  2. We let them score 50 in a single quarter. That's criminal

  3. Fire ham man I'm tired. What's this dude's obsession with the small lineups ffs. Another game we could've won but bottled. That's like 6-7 games now we should've won. Season's over.

  4. We are disgustingly embarassing. My hatred for Jeanie and pelinka rises every friggin day. Joke of a FO

  5. Outscored by 20 in 3rd quarter..... Now awaiting a fake ass comeback in the 4th only to choke in the last 4 minutes

  6. I just don't get his obsession with the small lineups

  7. Arguably one of the best single seasons of television ever.

  8. Hugh Jackman Wolverine Christian bale American psycho Brad Pitt fight club Ryan Gosling drive and blade runner 2049

  9. I am not that good looking bro now, honestly but I will try Bumble/Tinder many people suggested me as well...

  10. Sab acche dikhne Wale aise hi bolte hai. Karle bro use bumble koi mil jaaegi jarur.

  11. Let's hope then! Thanks brother..yaha koi kuch reply hi nahi de raha tha

  12. Ha ye thread dead hi rehta hai no interactions. Next time se main post kariyo sub mei

  13. Delete kardo account bhai. Best decision ever for me. FOMO Gaya nahi lekin bohot hi jyada Kam hogaya hai

  14. Mentally checked out for the season. Just gonna watch for LeBron statpadding to the Kareem record henceforth lol

  15. Reply back with "i like to dissect guys, did you know I'm utterly insane?"

  16. Only correct way to respond is. "Cheers Geoff"

  17. Literally me except the part about father passing away and age

  18. Haha, I often wonder that as well but been following United since forever and always been a Messi fanboy and as a result Barca.

  19. Profile review, please? Updated but not there yet in terms of matches!

  20. Fellow Lakeshow enthusiast how you feeling about the season blud

  21. Yaar kabhi kabhi sach me lagta hai single hona itna bhi bura nahi aisa sab padhke lmao

  22. Arsenal is perfect, never win the big ones but the owners don’t care because they make money

  23. Bro you literally described man united for last 5 years lmao. Arsenal atleast won the fa cup during that time😭😭😭

  24. Season's over guys. But we knew that already. Fuck Jeanie and pelinka

  25. I've got no questions for you. Just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me one of the happiest moments of my life last year. Something which I'll never forget. You'll always be my Peter Parker ❤️ and yes I'll be watching Babylon just for you!

  26. Still not entirely relieved. After all it's AD. It's possible he comes back and then gets injured again lmao. Season's a bust as far as I'm concerned

  27. I still can't believe Jeanie gave rob an extension lmfao funniest franchise in the league

  28. Things would go super critically alone if I stopped being with others

  29. Learn to do things alone man without waiting for anyone trust me it's so much better for your own sake.

  30. The only upside of keeping him i can see is him rustling the opposition and getting in their heads. He's useless other than that

  31. Will you be watching Cowboys Eagles this Sunday? Shame that Hurts isn't playing.

  32. Bhai and woh time pe toh Celtics bucks hai lol I'll be watching that. Bc pura raat nahi soh paunga💀💀

  33. I ain't gonna watch anything. It totally fucks up the next day.

  34. Ikr lekin chutti hai waise bhi + I'll be home alone so gonna order something prolly and chill lmao

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