1. I heard they changed it to this. No idea why they decided on that.

  2. Do you have to buy jazz club though? I'm gonna get the boutique hotel, so will it come with it? (I got the jazz club as a late x Mas gift)

  3. Yeah, you just to have to buy any products equal to $160 or above. Doesn't seem to be any restrictions so far thankfully.

  4. The original Spongbob movie was sooooo good. How did they mess this one up so much? Like, this is worse than the Velma show.

  5. Squidward's home is similarly sized as well. Really makes Patrick's house seem out of place in the neighborhood.

  6. A full version of the Hawaii fight would be cool

  7. Would be a neat way to recycle that unfinished animation sequence scene that was deleted. Wonder if they'll keep the 2014 dorsal plates or change them to the dorsal plates now.

  8. I'll have a King-Size Ultra Krabby Supreme with the works, double batter fried, on a stick.

  9. Unrelated but I was glad to see Mantis actually kicking ass in the Holiday Special. Instead of just walking around like a bug

  10. *Unrelated but I was glad to see Mantis actually kicking names and taking ass

  11. I've always wondered this anytime I've seen one of the Lego movies

  12. I think it's only the first movie where every bit of water is Lego-fied iirc. Onward, water is just regular water throughout the rest of the films (Assuming to save costs and time ig).

  13. Oddly there's a post discussing this on the main Lego sub as well, despite that leaks aren't allowed over there.

  14. San Francisco already was declared uninhabitable anyway because of the radiation.

  15. That's a universal trait of dumb fucks. Insisting they're so much better even though every single piece of evidence points in the other direction.

  16. Already seen a couple people unironically believing the China spy device is a weather balloon. Thankfully just a couple, so far.

  17. That shit sub couldn't find actual facepalm material if their lives depended on it.

  18. Bill’s weirdmageddon vs SpongeBob’s plot armor

  19. i wouldn’t be shocked if patrick was secretly married to a mermaid

  20. Especially since Jimmy Neutron and Barnyard did the 3D animation process technique so much better nearly twenty years ago. Not sure whatever to Kamp Koral behind the scenes, but man, the animation really suffered for it.

  21. Yeah, turns out a show isn't an instant success just because Spongey is in it. Nickelodeon had to learn this the hard way.

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