Citadel Tower in Chicago is Burning

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  1. Serious question. Let's assume the banks that are failing hold large short positions against GME. Why is everyone convinced they will get out of their positions if they are bankrupt? What stops them from committing crime, especially since the belief is they have been committing crime this entire time. If they are short on synthetic/fake shares then what's stopping them from just erasing the existence of those short positions?

  2. Those shares dont just disappear. Someone lended them, someone will have to provide a share in place. Once one lender loses money when a hedge fund they are lending to cant return their share, all others will need to start recalling.

  3. What are the chances that citadel 'accidentally' claims 428 trillion on their 13F the same quarter that Point72 'accidentally' claims 29.2 trillion.

  4. https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1603466/000089914023000429/xslForm13F_X02/primary_doc.xml

  5. I think its interesting that they both made the same mistake and amended. There has to be some way they can use this to their benefit. Maybe there is a stress test or report that only runs once a quarter and only takes data during a certain window. They correct the data to not run afoul of regulators (we fixed the error when it was discovered) but the data has already synced over to some other compliance report. Could be enough to kick the can a little longer.

  6. Weird.... unemployed homless people dont seem to be happy... it must be work that makes them happy afterall

  7. No wonder they havent been margin called on their assets sold but not purchased after giving 40 billion back to investors... they apparently have 20 times the national GDP in value

  8. 0x3E92c996B4B0448b3b8429A4b8390f3e04572D40

  9. So much for New Zealand being the go-to place to escape collapse

  10. Dunno, but if i was part of the billionaires club and cobtrolled the media, i would want to make sure some other place then where i am building my bunkers enters the human conscience as being the place all the rich are bunkering down at during collapse.

  11. It's probably a lot deeper than even that. I wouldn't be surprised if Mayo is a soon-to-be-released John Doe on Epstein's client list.

  12. He wasnt in the 2,000 page maxwell court documents filed last week. Tinfoily but i think the ufo news was to hide Ohio train derailment... or the release of this court document.

  13. I thought there was another 200 names or so that were supposed to be releases in the next 60 days or something.

  14. Flight logs are in this one, all handwritten so OCR might just not have picked it up

  15. Awfully coincidental that Ken Griffin hired the ex head of the secret service.

  16. Utility NFT :) I'd love to check it out.

  17. I don't think you can legislate nuance like that.

  18. Wouldnt a simple solution be to tax buybacks to deincentivize them?

  19. It is also interesting that Shitadel partner hedge fund Sequioa has $210Milly invested directly into FTX.

  20. Can superstonk continue on post moass to hunt fraud and grifters? SEC 2.0

  21. " lurker" looks pretty active on everything but superstonk

  22. Same with others defending/agreeing in comments. Im not a fan of blackrock or any other large financial institution. But this post thread seems sus.

  23. They are training us to not market sale during moass. They can set the price to any value they want by hiding/delaying trades when it benefits them

  24. You got a source for that, I recall Ken Griffin being part of the group that created PFOF with Bernie. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  25. https://www.sec.gov/rules/concept/s70704/citadel04132004.pdf

  26. So to correct. Madoff created the regulations. Ken Griffin just abuses them.

  27. If Sheehan shows os some symbols on a piece of paper that noone understand, what kind of evidence is that? Completely worthless as there is no way to prove those are traced off classified photos. And he off course knows that better than anyone, his a lawyer. So he will never bother about that.

  28. Why the big secret? People are smart. They can handle it.

  29. Where is ISayBullish when you need him

  30. There is a group in Tacoma, Washington that has been hiding handmade glass artwork around the city for 20 years now. They call them 'Monkeyshines'.... It's time to do the same in the digital realm :)

  31. Our area has a group that hides painted rocks.

  32. I want to really understand their possible motives. This is exactly the kind of responses I was hoping for. Thank you!

  33. Arent we fighting against the dame institutions responsible for normalizing the votes during proxy voting. I wouldnt be surprised if they are trying to raise delisting as a proposal for the next vote then flood the votes.

  34. Republicans didn't challenge PPP in court

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