1. Wait what parts of Gish? I know that album pretty well but not a lot of crazy phasing examples come to mind

  2. I’m pretty sure BC said he used that and a phase 100 extensively in that period. Maybe checkout Pisces Iscariot as well.

  3. I definitely hear it on Siamese Dream, but maybe that’s because it’s my favorite album ever and I know it like the back of my hand

  4. Digitech Freqout. I ended up selling mine (for a good price since it was DCed) and I miss it. I know I made the right decision selling it, I never used it live and it was too niche of a pedal to justify keeping it, especially when I could sell it for a good return. But still, I miss that lil guy

  5. Not explicitly. I tend to only buy Fender, for no other reason than that I love their designs. If I could afford a Gibson I’d probably buy an ES 335, but I’m not aversed to buying, say, a similar Guild model. I have noticed that I’m just not as willing to buy a Guild, and I don’t know why that would be besides a sort of ingrained idea of “Gibson is better because they’re the OG/more expensive”

  6. Do you not think the AC10 is jangly enough?

  7. Any silverbursts, blue guitars always looks cheap. Black looks horrible on strats and teles. PRS guitars usually have ugly finishes.

  8. I actually love all black Teles, the 70s Deluxe models. Other than that, though, I don’t think black works with other colored pickguards on Teles

  9. Tobacco burst. Because nothing says "pick me up and play me" like black fading to muddy brown

  10. I think it works on LPs and LPs only. I don’t love sunburst finishes in general, but some models like Jazzmasters and Teles can pull it off well

  11. I love offests, I currently own a Jaguar and it checks off one of my bucket list instruments. There’s this wine red Jazzmaster that I see in my local shop all the time, it’s not too expenisve in a general sense but it would take me a long time to save for it. Hopefully someday… I’d also like a Mustang I can mod, I was heavily invested in this idea for a while a couple years ago but it didn’t pan out

  12. Hey so sucks that you got banned, but you honestly aren’t missing out that sub is ass. ANYWAYS, I also reall struggled with your question as I’m also in a grunge band. I think you can make any type of pickup work for grunge, as people have said. That being said, tho, I really prefer single coils. They make your cleans bright and spanky and your gainier settings really shine with them (especially in a Jag or even Teles imo!) P90s are also a good choice but to me they were just too dark. I’d look at what your favorite grunge guitarists use on Equipboard and maybe you’ll get inspired. If you have any more questions about Grunge guitars/gear, I always love to talk about that stuff!!!

  13. A bunch of fuzzes won't stack well - the signal will get too compressed and noisy to usable for much but black metal. IMO it is it's easier to stack lower gain pedals around a favorite fuzz or two.

  14. If I turned the gain down on a muff and tone bender, would that be a better combo? I just ask because I’ve heard J Mascis do it and it’s gainey buy it sounds good imo, I just don’t know how he sets the pedals

  15. Since DJ is muff based, I’ll go ahead and say one of my all time favorite tones I’ve discovered is muff into active 3-band distortion.

  16. Huh, that’s what I just had going and tbh it didn’t suit me, though I didn’t think to mess around with that 3 band EQ. How do you adjust the EQ? I just dimed the mids and left the T and B around noon, how do you do it???

  17. I like running my Soul Bender into Tone Wicker Muff - mids-only into no-mids works ;)

  18. Hey! So I know this is 3 years later, but I'm considering getting a Tone Bender style pedal to stack with my Big Muff and Tube Screamer (not all 3 together, just TB + Muff or TB + TS). What do you have to say about this combo? Does it work well, especially live?

  19. Probably, I had an S1 for a while, it was only a little heavier than the 15 but I just had to sell it. I’ve got Fibromyalgia so heavy lifting is not my jam

  20. Cool, thanks! I’ll send it to my friend so he can get some insight

  21. Frieza mentioned to Frost when he was demonstrating the form to him that it drains stamina really fast so it’s not an efficient form to stay in for an extended period of time.

  22. How do the Big Muff and DS-2 stack? Or do you stack them? I was considering getting a DS-2, but didn’t know if it would sound good with a Muff

  23. This is such a stupid question, geez this guy! Everyone knows you don’t cover the guitar in tape because how else are the sounds supposed to get out? The tape greenhouses the noize back into the guitar, causing internal damage. Day 1 stuff.

  24. I swallow mine, great way to keep them safe and not keep track of them. Just gotta make sure to take som immodium once the danger’s passed (and that’s not the only thing that’ll pass you know).

  25. Cool! I traded in both my old guitars for one of these recently! How does the Mustang bridge work in it? I was considering getting a Mastery bridge for mine after I first got it, but it seemed like a lot of dough for such a small mod. Is the Stang bridge cheaper/as good???

  26. My Octaver pedal. I don’t know if it’s the pedal, where I keep it in my chain, or both, but it doesn’t track well and I use it for one part on one song I play live. But damn does it sound good on that one part.

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