1. Looks like a Nissan Z and a Supra had a love child. Can hardly recognize it's an 86 anymore lol.

  2. I was confused af when I saw this on my RAV for the first time. I live in a desert, so ice is a rarity even if the temps are below freezing.

  3. This is true goals. I considered trading in my Ecoboost for an 86 a while back. Glad I stuck with my Mustang but still have a great appreciation for those cars.

  4. I wonder if it's a front wheel drive. 🤔 /s

  5. Guys do you think warranty will cover this? I found RTV on my dipstick before it happened.

  6. I kept looking for where the decimal was in this image...

  7. That's... truly an impressive display of capability lol.

  8. Glad it wasn’t because you were sliding around like those dodge guys do 😮‍💨

  9. Lol this was my initial thought too. Doing donuts and caught a lamp post or something. Glad OPs not at fault.

  10. It's a Tomica diecast. This is where I got mine:

  11. Yeah I don't think there is an XSE varient done by Tomica. May have better luck just searching RAV4 Diecast. When I was looking for mine there were a lot of the XSE varient in larger scale.

  12. I am probably just old fashioned, but what frustrates me is the climate controls. It was really convenient to have toggle switches that allowed you to adjust temp without having to look at a screen and take your eyes off the road. Maybe I am mistaken but I do not see a knob or toggle other than the one for volume.

  13. I was big into JDM before I got my Mustang. Went to look at a Civic Si one day and salesman threw me in a Ecoboost, 5 years and 90k miles later I am look at trading it in for a Mustang GT-CS lol. Still have love for JDM cars but prefer my Mustangs.

  14. Nice. Super clean for its age.

  15. I know this is kind of unrelated but does the BRZ happen to have the same issues with the RVT?

  16. That's an awesome pic. Wallpaper worthy

  17. Love the color. Nice looking ride. I was drooling over the add-ons they have for these things when building online.

  18. I cant figure out how Emudeck Xemu works so been meaning to get a OG Xbox to play Mechassault 1 and 2. But this is pretty cool nonetheless.

  19. Lol this is what I did. I have an OG Xbox and the only games I have for it are MechAssault 1, MechAssault 2 and DOA Beach Volleyball lol.

  20. I just wish that Xbox Series X could support an up-res Mechassault 1 and 2 like how they did Red Dead Redemption, that would be awesome.

  21. I picked up a cheap scaler to convert it over to HDMI. You can tell it's an old game but it's playable on a 2k monitor.

  22. Looks like the grass on the shoulder needed some water anyways.

  23. I have been drooling over the 86 for a while but haven't been able to bring myself to trade in my Mustang Eco. Can't wait to hear what your impressions are and how you like it in comparison.

  24. Could just be the low fuel pressure sensor. (Part linked below) I had a similar issue with rough idle after filling up but after replacing the fuel pressure sensor it went away. I know that topping the tank off can also cause issues with the fuel pump but it sounds like you have replaced that already.

  25. I’ll try to swap that and see, thanks for the intel

  26. No problem. I also did the purge valve when I did the sensor just fyi in case that doesn't solve it. Good luck!

  27. Possibly some sort of shader mod. Try disabling those if you have them active. GPU is either not finding the textures for the mechs or the shader is causing them to look like that would be my guess.

  28. We had them test the "shocks" by jumping up and down on the back deck while we walked around the tank acting like we were checking it. Nope don't see it moving, need to jump harder ...

  29. The old classic throw two extra nuts in their parts tray on reassembly.

  30. It stops being funny when they use the extra nuts somehow.

  31. You’re right lots of people think it needs a turbo but I agree with you I like the NA. I’d supercharger if anything. Just saying sometimes my butt dyno misses the 280 lb/ft of torque is all.

  32. This is the primary reason I have not traded in my EB Mustang for one of these. Love the GR86 but pretty sure I would miss the torque. Also, the interior in the Mustangs are just leaps and bounds better.

  33. This article is awesome and super helpful. Thank you!

  34. Could just be the seal on the cap itself, buying a new one may resolve the issue. Also could be an evap system issue which is a bit more involved to fix.

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