1. 👍🏻 yes they have better pricing then most. I like their flower and rosin. Not the craziest Terps but good weed at a decent price. If Klutch sold their half ounces for 70-80$ less a half I’d be a weekly buyer. Until then Firelands works for me!

  2. Love this strain! Starting to see half o’s more and more of Firelands. Salty for 115 otd at Terresanna and botanist has tally mon rough cutfor 108 otd for 14 grams. Good stuff!

  3. Blue Planet Dark or Milk nano chocolate bar is 40$ 500 milligrams delta 8. best quality you can get around NE Ohio and 25 mg will pleasantly surprise you. I heard it was going to be illegal in the coming months fyi. Head shops Puff n stuff vape stores. Fantasy Chocolates in Lyndhurst is who manufactures them and sometimes has sales.

  4. is this Mac 1 from Amazing Budz in Adrian? Prices look pretty awesome there but wasn't sure of the quality. This looks nice.

  5. Someone posted a few weeks ago on the Mac strain. Should be able to find on here. Looked pretty kiefy.

  6. Street weed still trumps medical. I'm 30 and have had medical for a few years but nothong compared to the street smoke idk why.

  7. bc craft weed will always be better then anything coming out of a dispo.

  8. Yeah I may have been too medicated when I posted…is that dispo worth it in your opinion?

  9. it’s very hard to just ~say a strain is sticky~ bc it ENTIRELY depends on the curing process, the grower, the harvest date & multiple other things that no one can just predict with a strain name. my best advice for you is to physically ask the budtender what their freshest bud is because they will know.

  10. Rise Cleveland just had 2.53 peach crescendo for 114 OTD with 30% sale yesterday and today.

  11. Out of days 😭😭😭😭 refill is Monday...

  12. I feel your pain. 3 lusters lasts me around 8-10 days if just using lusters. So 2-3 days per. I love the quality of hash rosin but IMO nothing gets me near the moon like flower rosin. Just so fucking terpy. Once homegrow comes we should be able to grow enough and press enough to satisfy…let’s hope bc this shit ain’t cheap for sure

  13. Looks nice 👍🏻 Have you tried the lemonade dream? It’s on sale was thinking of grabbing for 96$ for 14.15

  14. That strain must be good. Saw some old timer buy 20 of those this morning.

  15. Always have a weird butane taste when I buy them. I don't anymore. Just my opinion.

  16. 6/28/21 don't let it scare ya they slow cure and this flower is fresher than anything I've got in the program so far

  17. New batch just came into Rise Cle yesterday. 108 OTD for a half O. harvested 9/16/21 packaged 3/16/22 Stickiest bud I've bought in the program. I was hesitant till I saw this post. Thank you! lol

  18. Looks nice 👍🏻 , almost got this, grabbed Watermelon Cake instead today. Awesome stuff for 100 or less. My half was sticky AF, really impressed with OCL

  19. Looks nice 👍🏻 , almost got this, grabbed Watermelon Cake instead today. Awesome stuff for 100 or less. My half was sticky AF, really impressed with OCL

  20. It’s crossing state lines with weed that’s the problem. You can’t bring Ohio to Michigan and back to Ohio.

  21. If you live in Cincinnati then yes you can get one at Terps Gallery. Think they’re $25 if they have any left in stock.

  22. Thanks, I’m in Cle. It took me half the day to remember I had around 50$ in store credit with Terresanna. So picked one up for free 😎🇺🇸.

  23. Even if they did. I've only seen them retailed at like 35-50$ buying at the dispo saves $ on those

  24. I’ve heard some mixed opinions on Curaleaf flower before, but this was honestly a steal in terms of price to quality ratio. Herbology Cuyahoga Falls had this on sale for $70 + tax for half oz smalls. The flower is fresh, packaged only 2 weeks ago, and has a fruity and pungent smell and taste. The buds are super sticky and difficult to hand grind, but for $70, I’ll pick it up any day.

  25. Nice 👍🏻 have been afraid to pull the trigger on those halves but will check em out

  26. Imo way better than paying $90 for a 5.66g, albeit not as high quality but still not bad by any means.

  27. Can’t argue with that. I just tried POW Blue blast smalls for 88$ for a half and was pleasantly surprised by the effects. Like you said not top quality but does the job and for half the price 😎

  28. any stickiness to this? looks nice, haven't tried any POW. Like this or Gelato better from them?

  29. Klutch Mac 1 got me 27% return. Buckeye relief is another brand you should try. NYC flo, lemon dosi, koko, 92 cookies. Ancient roots la Kush cake and Jealousy both good returns but hard to find their flower in halves

  30. I join this sub to remind me I don’t even want my Ohio medical card every time I think of getting it. To pay that price for that shitty of looking weed is the reminder I needed this month.

  31. Klutch Mac 1 was the biggest yielder for me at 27%...Everything else Ive tried comes in around 19-20% Gotta find fresh batches...Klutch and Ancient Roots are always sticky for me. Koko and 92 cookies from BR

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