1. These people are in denial or just don't know any better. Michigan in house micro grows are on a different level then Ohio. Smaller grows and better quality, makes sense to me.

  2. Ya I don't think the bud in MI is that much better if at all.......................Lately Brs bud is better than anything from MI.

  3. I have tried most of the top shelf brands at first I thought they were much better then after some time they have the same dry problem-you know dry buds I have had local grove etc.....

  4. Bubu Cookies and Cha ching from Weedy's should go up on the shelf next

  5. Damn this sucks, I gave up on Ohio concentrates. KOB Monroe is 2 hours flat for me. Rosslyn Live rosin buckets 3.5 grams going for 90$ before tax for first timers. Damn good quality Worth the trip, 7 grams for 208 otd if you're into Rosin. Can also get live resin and cured resin for 10 gram much better than Cresco.

  6. Thanks for this post! I grabbed Cherry Octane and Fabuloso . Good shit and can't beat the price. 180$ before tax for first timer. The cherry octane is excellent!

  7. Yes, grabbed a quarter of Bubu yesterday before more chap 4 strains dropped after I left lol The Bubu Cookies is really good. Some of the nicest buds ive ever seen and the effects are top notch. hard hitting Indica. Cha-Ching is great as well if you like Paloma and Dough boy. Mango Tango sounds wonderful

  8. If you're go spend the money on upgrading, save up for a press like a Dabpress 4T / 6T or similar. Those let you do extraction with bags like bottletek efficiently and will still be relevant even if you had "bigger and better" equipment to use just due to being a reasonable size.

  9. Yeah this is your best bet. Dab press 4 ton can find em for 300-400 I believe and can order it with 25% down w PayPal

  10. KOB Monroe has Rosslyn 3.5 grams live rosin buckets for 90$ after first timer deal. Grabbed 2 today.

  11. Recently tried both of these as well. They are both absolute winners and makes me wish we could get some Galenas 1/2s

  12. You can get a half for 180$ or an oz for 360$ lol Or go north and get the OZ for 140-160$. I enjoy galenas but this is robbery in Ohio

  13. If Ohio supplied 3.36 jars of rosin for a fair price we would all buy them. Price lower and see them fly off the shelves. Simple.

  14. Glad to see it come to Ohio , such an awesome strain . I hope its from the same lineage as winewood organics up in Ann arbor , If so I'll be buying a half of this soon as possible

  15. Next time your in Michigan check out Weedys strain Paloma. Grapefruit fly x Durban P. Had almost 3% terpinolene. One of the better strains I’ve had in last few years.

  16. Check out green labs in luna Pier. Little south of Monroe. Does a 50% off discount first time on flower. Honors med card. Definitely worth a try if you like weedys style. You can see and smell everything here first. But comes in prepack Glass jars.

  17. Checked out Weedys last week. Plan on green labs next trip for some Dutch Touch flower.

  18. Green care in Luna Pier(Closest to the border) has 50% off first visit Dutch Touch flower. Weedy's in Monroe(2nd closest) 1st timers get 50% off flower up to 100$ I got 10 eights for 10$ a piece. Really good quality. King of Budz in Monroe has big variety and good deli style OZ prices and baller buckets. For organic flower go farther north to Ann arbor. Winewood and Apothecare are as good as it gets. Information Entropy is close by and has big variety good quality in Ann arbor. Olswell in Adrian is good spot as well.

  19. Yeah Doughboy is 🔥. The runtz to. Me and me my girl are going up in 2 weeks again. I spending 600 bucks. That should last me at least till June July

  20. Get the strain Paloma if they have it. Best of the 4 strains I got last week.

  21. I’ve always heard good things about this strain, but I’ve also always had a question for our medical program about Fisci. Everytime I get almost any strain by them, it feels like it tastes and smells exactly the same. Typically people hear that and think it’s maybe just tastebuds and I personally can’t taste it, but I genuinely believe I have a good terp tongue, and I’ve tried cake crasher, sour papaya, white papaya, gelatti kush mints, and motorcake, and to me, every single strain tastes the same. Is it fisici’s cure? Maybe salty watermelon is the one they hit on the head, I personally haven’t tried it yet, because I don’t smoke many sativas due to anxiety.

  22. You should like Salty, uplifting without paranoia. I choose this over Chem OG which makes me question my existence

  23. I still prefer flower rosin over hash rosin and with a nice press you can save alot and extract clean high quality terp rich rosin. I haven't bought rosin from dispos in years. 80$ for a .84 is sad!

  24. Is a humidity stone basically the same as a whetstone?

  25. Not really. it’s basically a small porous terracotta coin you soak for 5 minutes then stick in your jar for an hour or two max. 2 bucks at head shops.

  26. I wanna try this one. CC 30% off sale at Botanist tomorrow by me. They have 5.66 popcorn bags for 30$ before discount under CC not Seed n strain. I called and got terps and they are really low so I won't be trying it under CC label but agree everything from Seed n strain has been great.

  27. I can call and ask ppl about terps? I got yelled at for making employees work in another post but I will be doing this now haha! Good tip!

  28. Absolutely. Some are happy to help others are annoyed but what can they expect when they won’t list them online.

  29. I've done this with a hair straightener, just put it on top of a bowl... Could you take this straight to a rig, as is?

  30. Yeah it's all ready to go. Curing it is a plus but totally ready for the rig.

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