1. Looks nice! I usually use green concrete instead of wool/carpet, and put different colored buttons on top.

  2. I think in the end the menu doesn't really matter to me, cause I've learned where everything is in the current one. It would just take some time to get used to this. However, it seems like it might be easier for newcomers to understand and find things, so that is a nice bonus.

  3. Not a fan of the colour, it's too yellowy and too close to birch for me. The texture is very ugly imo. The fences look decent, as does the door and the trapdoor, but everything else is ghastly in my eyes.

  4. Better conversations about mental health. People have always been people, we have always been able to feel the same things as we do nowadays. It's just that in the past people didn't talk about it as much, since mental health was taboo and showing vulnerability meant you were weak. We're getting better at it in society but we still have a long ass way to go. Here's to therapy

  5. It's so sad how many creatures lives have to end just so one lion can live. I guess that's just how nature works, but people have gone too soft.

  6. I feel like there's a difference in how they are treated before their death though.. In nature, a predator just kills the animal, doesn't abuse it its entire life before that.

  7. Abuse? I guess you're from america or just have never been to a normal small scale farm.

  8. Nah I live in the Netherlands. We don't have small scale farms anymore. Like, we literally dont. We have the most intensive agricultural practices in the world, and that sure has its downsides.

  9. I had a friend who did it and he wasn’t a dealer. He stayed at my house once and asked if he could watch porn on my internet, weird question but I asked him not to masturbate in my house. He said he wasn’t going to masturbate, he just wanted to enjoy porn.

  10. When I was 16 years old I was talking to a friend of mine about porn. I said that I watched it sometimes. And she honest to god did not know what one does during porn. She thought I was just eating chips and watch it like a movie. I was soo extremely baffled.

  11. I had a sheltered evangelical friend (or at least we were before this incident lmao) in high school who thought anal lessened your lifespan because anal sex supposedly is done by tearing a hole in your anus every time. She thought repeated injury to the ass was why gay people lived shorter lives and not like, the recent aids epidemic and hate crimes skewing stats. This was early aughts so the stats were still like all over the place, before gay marraige was legal in the states. She also told me that gay men being in sports would kill everyone in the locker room with gay diseases so it's not like she didn't know AIDs existed.

  12. Oh my god. It's so sad what misinformation can do to a learning child.

  13. Ice Age 2: The Meltdown is waaay better than the first one. Most folks I know haven't even seen part one.

  14. My ex girlfriend who thought that giving a handjob consists of pulling down the foreskin as far as possible with the most violent strokes. She managed to slightly rip my frenulum.

  15. God damnit this physically hurt. I always assume that everybody knows how a dick works and what it enjoys, until I read comments about girls not knowing and remember that not everybody has a dick. The fact that im into guys prolly has something to do with my lack of awareness haha

  16. Just look at the Stanford prison experiment and you’ll see that it in fact does.

  17. Well, that experiment isn't really one you can base anything off. Modern day scientists agree that the way the experiment was set up and carried out wasn't up to modern standards required to claim scientific significance.

  18. I really don't understand how this happens. Like if I won a few million, I'd pay off our mortgage, set a bunch aside for a smooth retirement, and just... Not be stressed.

  19. I think the tendency for most people is to change their way of live drastically. Doing things "because they can", not because they really want or need it. Buying houses or expensive cars, going travelling, doing fancy things with other fancy people.

  20. Well yeah. To be fair: in a world of magic; every second of not doing something good with it is wrong in some way. But I mean, the very fact that there were house elves should say enough.

  21. Yup. And their politicals is our version of The real Housewives.

  22. Then what fossil did folks see to base gods off of?...

  23. Wow. First I thought: "This is just a cruel opinion, why is this in showerthoughts?". Then I realized...

  24. Alternative truth: Noah gathered all the animals in the world to go on one big boat, but was too lazy to build the big version. So he just built a small one and killed all the other animals off.

  25. Het stikstof probleem zit bij het verloren gaan van bepaalde plant en insect soorten die van stikstof arme gebieden houden. Ze vertellen er wel niet bij dat we daar nieuwe plant en insect soorten mee introduceren in onze omgeving. Mij boeit dit geen ene moer verder en zie alleen extra belastingen die ze ons willen opleggen. Zodra we het stikstof en koolstof probleem hebben opgelost vinden ze wel iets nieuws gerelateerd aan klimaatverandering waarop ze weer lekker kunnen heffen.

  26. Het probleem is dat hiermee leefgebieden voor bepaalde dier- en plantensoorten compleet kan verdwijnen. Elk jaar komen er vele nieuwe dieren op de rode lijst en elk jaar sterven er vele nieuwe soorten uit, allemaal volledig door mensen veroorzaakt.

  27. Nee joh. Gewoon alle boeren sluiten. Probleem opgelost.

  28. Het ding is, als het om stikstof gaat, boeit het veel minder wat andere landen doen. Klimaatproblematiek is een mondiaal probleem, dus elke uitstoot is per definitie de boosdoener.

  29. Just objectively, it's interesting how colonization has created topics like these. Like, its very interesting to think about the fact that there is a clear distinction between "The Natives" at any particular place, and "The invaders", and how to navigate everything in the present regarding this fact.

  30. They don't have to, they are just wondering. They're all not very bright...

  31. Yeah that's ok. What's magical is to carry only the absolute essentials as you slowly hike your way from Germany into Austria. Stopping at huts along the way, enjoying local beer and food, and taking in the mountains, trees, and natural scenery of the area while you amble along. You can actually WALK like this - and without a large pack. It frees you up to go farther and people make great food for you along the way. Hut hiking takes the best of camping and the best of hiking, and puts them together.

  32. Huh. Interesting. Never done that. I'm very familiar with camping and I plan to take my kids camping when I grow up. But yeah it sounds very free

  33. Ahh yeah definitely. And what about going camping? That way you dont need a hut

  34. Thanks to the internet, the person with the title "spent the largest amount of time looking at butt holes" is currently alive. Somewhere. And probably looking at pictures of butt holes right now.

  35. Well, I suppose before the internet there was someone with this title as well.. It would just require more than a simple internet connection to achieve this feat however

  36. Pretty much all of them? Seriously, who wants spoilers ffs

  37. Trailers are often too long and give away too much of the story. However, I have seen teasers that were too bland or generic to pull me into it. If you have a good trailer, they'll be able to get you to want to see it without feeling like you already know what you are going to watch. I've seen a couple of those, they are pieces of art in their own right.

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