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  1. Same here, I have mine staked on crypto.com.

  2. First, any site that offers free Shib or to double your Shib is a scam. Second I have had over 250 mil Shib staked on the swap since it opened and have only received about 20,000 Shib. So staking your Shib on an exchange May be more beneficial, I’m not 💯 sure on that. If you’re in it for the long haul, 5-10 years then yeah maybe it’ll be worth it. Hope that helps.

  3. Great looking car! Always loved em, think James Bond had something to with it ;) Great shot Cheers

  4. Gorgeous engine bay! Love ne Honda motors. Used play with B18C's back in the day! This motor in this pic makes me drool. Cheers!

  5. Own a 1999 R34 GTR V-spec ;) Cheers!

  6. Nice lineup of poopras there. Almost every color ;) ha ha Cheers!

  7. Garage full of win, and 10's! Cheers

  8. Beautiful! That silver bullet beside it is another sexy machine as well. Cheers!

  9. GD Beautiful and worth the trip from your house to see this i bet! what a beauty. Cheers

  10. Luckily it was local. But yes, absolutely worth it. We left at the same time and had a nice drive before I had to pull off.

  11. Sweet! Bet it sounded sick! Cheers buddy!

  12. Of course, but I was hoping for some extras ;) Cheers Beautiful car!

  13. Sorry to disappoint not my ride haha. I wish it were

  14. Thanks, if you can, follow me on instagram @digitus_art

  15. Very Nice! Love the Hako on top, Cheers!

  16. Beautiful!! Hidden gem right there! Good find. Cheers

  17. And your point being? ha ha Cheers

  18. Great shot, love the background. Industrial setting, for the car from the past that everyone wants in the future ;) Cheers

  19. Nice looking car! Looks good. Almost thought it was one of the 1of 61 Active Red GTR Vspec ;) Cheers

  20. appreciate it man! an AR2 GTR Vspec is always no. 1 in my list 😍 but this is the closest thing I could afford to getting that dream 🤣

  21. Congrats bro! You have dam fine Skyline! Cheers!

  22. Great cars, horrible stance ;) Just my opinion. Cheers

  23. Those poor cars. I wonder why their owners hate them?

  24. Ha Ha yeah eh? WTF would you do this to such a work of art? Cheers!

  25. Nice looking ride, clean AF. Looks like LM color? Cheers!

  26. Vintage gold right there. Cheers!

  27. Nice shot. Looks like a clean FD there. Love a rotor motor ;)

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