1. OP: “Im looking for one that includes Hallowfire”

  2. I do i just have rlly bad rng apparently

  3. Yep can relate. I wanted nothing except star eater but got constantly anything but star eater. At least I got some good radiant dance machines

  4. I mean isn't that what you do when something is unfair / op? when one eyed mask was the dominant exotic for a few weeks in pvp, were the people asking for a nerf (which did happen) just complaining?

  5. Yes, I guess it’s part of the destiny player identity. But have you read some of OP’s comments? OP is just being really salty, that’s a little bit different than asking for a nerf (which is understandable)

  6. Am I dumb or doesn’t it literally say that Master Ketch Crash will be the easiest?

  7. I was so sad when it went away back then, but then returned as a constant mode

  8. I assume it’s wellskating, because bubble skating requires a bit better positioning.

  9. How do you get jump off, I found out I wasn’t cancelling my heavy with a jump but for some reason I’m struggling to get the jump to work

  10. Like someone mentioned, if you’re struggling you might want to rebind your super to a single key, like somewhere on the dpad.

  11. I just pulled two red border Other Halfs today even though I already have a fully crafted one. But I can’t get the Ikelos smg to drop after 30 dares lmao

  12. I got an arrowhead/subsistence/vorpal to replace the one I sharded 4 seasons ago. Looks good alongside my subsistence/demolitionist one, too.

  13. I just got two after like 15 more dares today, unfortunately bad rolls, I need nothing except seraph rounds and demolitionist ;-;

  14. “I just enjoy the game as it is” and Destiny is a game about grinding, grinding for the best gear possible.

  15. I thought OP said some dumbass shit, but he just stated that ability regen is still good with heart of inmost, which is true. Reddit moment

  16. In the reveal video they said that light is about creation. Strand is more of a “manipulating reality” kind of thing iirc they basically said that strand is just the “pure” form of everything

  17. Grinding that dire promise is pain as well, when you constantly get armor to drop

  18. Nah that's just elixir golem, that thing is udder trash. Literally gives the opponent elixir for a counter push.

  19. Then there are people who clone egolem lmao

  20. So you didn't know it was satire to begin with?

  21. I mean I didn't get it, so next time I'll try in one sitting. But if I ain't getting it again it's definitely a bug. It could still be a bug because if you watch till the end, the mission prompt to.kill caiatl pops up again.

  22. Yep, that’s definitely pretty weird. Normally if the Mission Complete pops up it’s a finish. Might be a bug related to this dungeon specifically

  23. Shattered Throne is the only Dungeon that you can leave and still get the solo.

  24. Oh okay, already thought that might be the case. Very nice Bungie

  25. Where’s that emote from? I’ve only seen it once before

  26. I go to the Moon for some Altars of Sorrow to do my catalysts

  27. Still is there. Just finished my le monarque caty there

  28. Acting like we’re gonna get instantly in the game when it drops 💀

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