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  1. U forgot throwables ditch some shotty ammo

  2. My buddie is in Ireland and has cash app as it avoids fees for buyer

  3. Zypher’s Code Store 🏦💵💎💰

  4. Zypher’s Code Store 🏦💵💎💰

  5. Zypher’s Code Store 🏦💵💎💰

  6. i won't be looking on xbox but if you happen to find a BP there lmk

  7. Bruh that’s rough and I like to think gaming as my break from reality and gives me pleasure when I outplay someone in online gaming.

  8. Ur post says striker Dominus instead of dueling 👀ah my bad lol take it as up

  9. I was offered one checking in on the value but I'd be looking to sell if I go thru with the deal

  10. Let me know I’m interested if you do sell

  11. I have metalstar pros can show you in game and in regards to finding code you can go over to the

  12. I’m picking up food but if ya need when I get back in 10-15 I can help

  13. Loba from apex legends, she can let me explore that mmmmmm

  14. Chadwick Boseman Black panther 🐈‍⬛

  15. could you buy a grey apex & ill do that for my nugget? im on ps thats why.

  16. If y’all need help I’m willing to transfer item if y’all need that kind of help

  17. thanks for the offer to help but i already gave my buddy the nugget so he and this guy are gonna trade👍🏻

  18. It is all the chatter about a gold octane but nothing confirmed and believe the new crate series drops today that may have gold items

  19. Since cert items don’t come from trade ups anymore I would say that 20k seems about fair unless your trying to dump them

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