1. Incorrect actually the mange began production a full year before the comic started its run

  2. While it may be tied into Pokémon other influences include mlp and sonic the hedgehog which makes it 1/3 manga influenced

  3. Also cwcville is based in Virginia so…

  4. Nah, if he gets a strike in the post Elon timeframe I think that's a permanent RIP. Best to just wait it out until the unban initiative goes wider and the one person at Twitter that hates him can't stop it.

  5. Just buy another computer with a new ip address

  6. This fight scene looks omega stupid

  7. This person says it like they are looking forward to it

  8. I remember my first 7 nightmares and I was like “oh the name makes sense.”

  9. Bro has two first names what kind of take did you expect ?

  10. This is so out of left field. I’m still trying to process the Kanye stuff

  11. I can translate…he is saying something Jordan peterman would say.

  12. This post looks like a promoted ad

  13. I wonder if they eat alpha male right wing food or soy beta male left wing food

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