1. More interiors, better npc ai like in rdr2 we may see them actually do work. Gun play I'm expecting it to feel better and have some cool take downs we can do also similar to rdr2

  2. Yes very important to have its world feel lived in and NPCs like actual people

  3. I want the gore to be good, but I don't think they'll make it gruesome or very realistic.

  4. Yeah if it's like RDR2, I'm happy with that

  5. Awesome playlist! It's very important that Rockstar have the right songs to capture the old vibe of Vice City.

  6. Big nope, nothing beats Flash FM. Then again, music subjective so there can't really be definitive answer. Except Flash FM😎

  7. Sky and volumetric clouds will look better but thats it. You're delusional if you think GTA 6 will push graphics any further than this. Rockstar knows their game won't sell well if it runs like shit, especially considering they are contractually obligated to release it on the series S as well which is comparable to a GTX 1060 at best

  8. Lmao, it's gonna be at par with RDR2 if not better, they know they're gonna get crucified if they don't push the graphics

  9. Rdr2 is from 2018 I’d say it’s gonna look a lot better

  10. As much as i love both the watch dog games, I don't want to see hacking in gta 6, I'm not even a fan of all the futuristic bs in gta online, maybe I'm just old school but nah, keep it simple if you ask me

  11. How does he know if the story and “all” is done? Why do I see these kinds of stupid posts every day where people make baseless assumptions?

  12. How do you know it's not done then😐 It's just that.. assumptions..

  13. Neither did I say that you did, it's just an assumption that the OP has posted, so nobody knows if it's done or not with the basic game, it's all speculation

  14. I live on mods with this game, same with the original. I wouldn't even bother with it if it wasn't for the expanded maps mods because even in JWE2 they're WAY too small default.

  15. So true, it's not a big leap over the first game without the mods

  16. If the game had realistic statues like this, velociraptors could try to hide amongst them when they escape enclosures

  17. Well if you're using mods.. one way to make them run on the ground is to sink two monorail stations which are very close to each other and connect them, continue to sink them in the ground till the track touches the ground and then drag on of the stations wherever you want, can't do curves but this looks really good it can go through exhibits and the animals walk over the tracks so no problems there aswell.

  18. This isn't a mod typically, I just paused the game on the Rex's exit animation and put him here in the diorama box.. there is a white statue mod available though which you can use for replicating this.

  19. It does use the expanded scenery but the screenshot is from a while back when the mod worked

  20. Oh hey! Thanks, I'm a big fan of your JP recreation.. that inspired me to take up that challenge myself, I did upload it here, people liked it, but yours was even more accurate.. are you planning to make one in JWE 2?

  21. Oh right! I remember your collage. Really impressive. Definitely one of the best recreations I’ve seen! I’d love to start the project on JWE2 at some point, but the updates and mod breaks are really killing my vibe. I’ve lost my San Diego recreation at least 3 times due to outdated mods lol. I’ll probably get started soon, or after someone comes out with a good fence mod. But yeah I really like the alternative overrun park look. I’d love to create or see 2 maps before and after - like you’ve done in this screenshot

  22. It really sucks that the updates screw up the mods.. also yeah there's something really cool about the abandoned look of Jurassic Park, that's why I keep making abandoned stuff in this game.. in JWE 1 it was the worker village, in this one there is a little more that you can do

  23. This is nice. I try to get good shots like that in this game but am not too great at it.

  24. Thanks😁 It takes practice but you'll get there surely

  25. There hasn't been a clarification to this officially, maybe it was supposed to be explained in the 2nd game but nevermind, there are 2 theories

  26. Redwoods biome would be great, the Alpine brush and textures are close but redwoods will be even better

  27. PLS tell me the skin combinations they're awsome

  28. I don't remember the names but the base skin was grey and the pattern was light blue

  29. One of em is gonna roar(I HAVE FOUND SOME CRISPY LEAVES ON THIS TREE-EEE) , then the other one with give a better roar to shut the first one up, kinda like "SHUT UP JIM"

  30. I will never understand why Frontier refuses to add swimable water. Have they ever stated why?

  31. They said that if there was deep water in the game, the whole mechanic of dinosaurs escaping would be comprised because you could place deep water before fences and they'd never be able to trigger the animations.. I mean I can see what they're trying to say but come on.. no swimming animations in a game like this in 2021?? You've got to find a way around that

  32. Makes me wish that there were individual lot placable bits of the foliage brush plants.

  33. There's all foliage items from the brushes that there is in the game, even flowers that you won't even notice.. atleast that's what I think

  34. This is California, although I'm using mods for the trees, I really like the lighting on this map

  35. It's there, out of view, just like in the film😉

  36. Nothing actually 😂 just wanted to make a dilapidated broken old fence with vines and a broken sign etc

  37. JWE 1 captured the Jurassic franchise look and feel perfectly JWE 2 is very different, and I know that's what they wanted but that's why JWE 1 feels nostalgic imo

  38. You can try to spice up your exhibits by spending time into making them somewhat of a unique experience, look at paleoart or zoos around the world and try to imitate some of it.. trying to make exhibits will take time and naturally will also make your park a little bit more exciting. If you're using mods there's even more room for creative freedom

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