1. Try getting an immigration attorney. They can provide you with some guidance. A “friend” applied for a PR but it was taking awhile at DHA(past the normal processing time) they ended up hiring an immigration attorney that took DHA to court due to the delay. Think she got it in like 2 weeks after court. I don’t know how true it is, I’ve seen something similar on the news awhile back

  2. Call scrap yards they should have them

  3. NAD, this should be decided by a physician not a dentist. Usually diuretics and Ca channel blockers are prescribed but this determined by a physician after a number of lab tests have been evaluated.

  4. If you are a student under a study visa I think momentum ingwe would work it’s about R4k for the year not sure if that’s the cheapest . Covers basic dental and 2 year optometrist check up but I guess you won’t be using it.

  5. Nad, its called Fluoride varnish. Think you can only get em at the dentist.

  6. Hi, do you mind giving some more information?

  7. Scan with IO scanner, load into software, tx plan aligners, 3D print models, and fabricate aligners with ministar.

  8. If your interested in chemistry rather do chemical engineering or anything else. Bsc in bio or chem is only currently relevant if you want to go into academia even then, theres a lot of competition. Lots of my colleagues are in jobs that have nothing to do with science. I’d suggest looking at course that are in the emigration critical skills list in 1st world countries (us, Canada, uk,Europe), should you wish to emigrate it won’t be difficult then.

  9. Nah need minimum 100mil, our house hold makes 50m and we struggling. The tenders are running dry ☹️

  10. The np 300 is cheap to buy but check the safety rating, according to an article by news 24 it scored zer0.

  11. Message one of the mods with your credentials and your username written on a piece of paper.

  12. Most of the top SA University websites are quite informative regarding foreign students and most have an international students department that can assist you with more info. You would also need to get your previously acquired qualifications evaluated by SAQA for equivalence. What are you planning to study if I may ask?

  13. I think it’s up to the person, if someone thinks that they can get their license by just taking the exams good for them because we can’t deny that it’s a lot cheaper that going back to school but if someone decides to go to school and get into the program it’s also a very good option. Both pathways have their ups and downs but in the end you will get your license :)

  14. I checked the dental schools they require you to be a permanent resident or citizen for acceptance. I maybe wrong buts that’s what I read

  15. Researched quite a bit on this as I’m in the same situation (tuks). So there’s 2 option. Last option is not guaranteed. 1st is to go back to dental school in the us where you are placed in 3rd year, so you’ll have to do 2years. Some unis have special programs just for international students and at the end you get a dds or dmd degree. Cost wise it seems to run at the $200k ball park just for tuition. Last option is the state of Minnesota they do allow international dentist to register in their state after get your degree analysed and have written about 5 plus exams and pracs. I haven’t found anyone who has done that but all the info is on the state dental board website. Other countries that would be a better alternative would be the uk (have to write ore), Australia (exam), New Zealand and Canada have the same exam now, although for nz you could get your degree analysed and would not have to write exams. If you know Afrikaans, learn Dutch and you can register in Netherland. If you graduated before 2001 you might not have to write some exams for some countries.

  16. Employers are not allowed to hire foreigners here unless they can prove they could not find a local who could do the job.

  17. I’ve traveled from gabs to jhb countless times with no trouble. That being said there are often protest actions in the towns near the Botswana border ( after zeerust and near mahikeng) you want to avoid travel during those times. Further note there has been quite a few abduction of Botswana drivers (bots reg vehicles) along those routes courtesy of the blue light gang, I’ve had family that have experienced that. I would recommend flying otherwise take precautions with bank cards and valuables, have a trackers on your person that a friend or relative has excess to. I’d call every hour to let family know as well.

  18. Nad. Looks like an apical radiolucency and external resorption on distal root surface on the tooth to next to the implant, could be the mental foremen or it could be the culprit . A peri apical X-ray of that tooth would help. This form of radiography is not sufficient enough.also looks like he needs fillings on his upper teeth

  19. Most fishing places are catch and release doubt you would find a place. Some places that have trout fishing do sell them after you catch the fish. Most are in the muldersdrift area

  20. Thanks. Will have a look. I don't mind paying for whatever is caught so that won't be a problem

  21. Dullstroom has very beautiful venues for trout fishing if you don’t mind the drive

  22. New Zealand, Australia and Canada have skilled immigration you may qualify and get a PR immediately. Check their immigration website directly, they have an eligibility test available on the website that you can take. I’ve heard a lot of negative comments regarding Canada ( very high costs of living, weather, crime) but not the others. You could migrate to Namibia or Botswana if you prefer to be close to SA. Middle East pay is quite high.

  23. So after completing this program, I’d be able to treat patients all over the EU?

  24. Nope. Unless you are registered to practice, completing the program has no influence.

  25. How would a US dentist go about being able to practice in the EU? Would this involve repeating dental school, as it is for foreign dentists in the US? Sorry, I’m just curious how it works being a foreign trained dentist in the EU.

  26. I’m not even 70% certain but I’ll give it a go. You don’t have to go back to dental school. You would at most have to write a registration exam but if your degree is recognised by the local board then it maybe waived. The most difficult part of getting registered in Europe is the language, you need to be fluent, that’s the major obstacle, you would have to write the registration exam in the local language plus a proficiency language test. I also don’t think you can be registered for the all European union countries, only the one that you have registered in. But if you’re registered in one European country it makes it easier to register in another.

  27. Veneers on 5 and 6 usually pop off due to lateral excursion. If these were brand new veneers, then poor bonding might've been the reason they fell out. If they were newer veneers (less than 5 years), then yours will pop off too if you do not address his lateral movement to the right side. You might want to consider crowns.

  28. Hi, how would you address the lateral movement if I may ask?

  29. Use an articulating paper and make the patient bite up and down. Preferably we want the bite on tooth structure, if the prep was wrapped around, make sure you have enough thickness of the material. You want the centric bite on tooth or restoration but not were both meet.

  30. With all that is going on and loadshedding and everything being blamed at the anc, I bet they are scrambling panicking

  31. Thing is, the low income class doesn’t care about loadshedding, no power is the usual for them. Their quality of life is rather way simpler that they are not really affected as much like the middle and upper with the current situation. Their kids get free school and free meals at school. They usually get bought by the leading political party from small jesters like food parcels, sassa etc. Seeing that the low income class population is quite a lot,this is what the leading party relies on. Other parties don’t get that. But with rising costs things it might turn

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