1. These aren’t Goff only PFF stats. These are what they use to evaluate all QBs.

  2. At some point you have to question the reliability of this data, so many factors that influence it.

  3. I wouldn’t say his track record is impressive. I’d say it’s inconsistent with impressive season mixed in.

  4. Not with me. With this gentleman’s take. Anyone who disagrees with that is irrational.

  5. MLB Pipeline (had Jung as 3rd and Perez 10th on Top 2B) and Baseball Prospectus showing love where Baseball America didn't (although BA said that the Tigers would have quite a few guys between 100-150)

  6. All these guys can improve their rankings this year too. A very real possibility.

  7. Now that he left Houston I’ll say he goes in as a Tiger. If he finished in Houston I think going in as an Astro was a very real possibility.

  8. Every established QB up for renewal sets the market, regardless of where they rank. Stafford did it when we last paid him and he was not the best QB in the NFL at the time

  9. People think Goff will produce like a pro bowler but not command top money. Delusional.

  10. They also think it is too risky to draft a rookie QB high, which is why we should stick with a guy drafted #1 overall

  11. I’m in your camp, btw. I want to draft a QB high in the draft. If the opportunity presents itself.

  12. It would if the lions didn’t have Goff. If the Lions could trade Goff, sign Brady for 2 years and draft his replacement then I’m down. Seems highly unlikely though.

  13. Wow man I hate this trade for the Sox, they got a major leaguer with upside and they didn't even have to give up much of anything

  14. Don't mind me, just a red Sox hater. You are right tho it's a great trade for them

  15. The Tigers could surprise us all and end up in the “bad team” category. Haha.

  16. I miss going there. My dad took me to plenty of games at that stadium growing up. I have fond memories.

  17. I think the sharp decline is mostly injury related. But, I think we also all need to admit he’s just not very good.

  18. They don’t look like they are falling apart to me. Why do you think that? Diggs is awesome but he’s older now. I don’t see the point and the Lions have two strong WRs for next season. WR is a need but I don’t think the Lions would take on his contract at his age.

  19. Kepler is already pretty much gone, Celestino may be now too, seems like they don't have much trust in him.

  20. It depends on if the Tigers decide to spend next year. I think they could compete in 2024 if they spent real money of good players in free agency. If they don’t do that then who knows? If the tigers are going to operate with a bottom half payroll then it’ll be a long time.

  21. He has power. He’s not a good hitter, though. He should fit right in! I’m not sure what his addition to the tigers would do for them. Seems like a waste of a spot. This doesn’t seem like a guy Harris would want.

  22. This plus didn't Raymond have broken ribs here?

  23. You haven’t even made or proven one point you said. When you decide to do that, then I will allow this convo to continue. Until then, we both know you’re beneath me

  24. Beneath you? 😂. That is honestly one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever read on Reddit. Shit man. I almost feel sorry for you. Lol. I can’t stop laughing.

  25. Because he's complaining about not getting awesome journalism for free.

  26. Someone posted the entire article in here and was upvoted for it. I don’t buy your explanation at all. I’m pro-paid services, myself, but there are hypocrites in here.

  27. I just got done re-reading Moneyball. I first read it back in high school ~5 years ago.

  28. The stuff about Beane not liking prep pitchers has stuck with me for years. It’s all I think about during the draft with the tigers. It just makes so much sense to me.

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