1. Look at the "users" username, uraharabot, its a robot (shortened to bot) that is programmed to reply with a random message in its database when someone says the name "urahara"

  2. Literally fatherless, no offense, just facts

  3. Do people actually believe this shit? This subreddit have turned into 9 year olds posting random shit wtf

  4. The parent comment wasnt even a 'what if', so wtf are u talking about? What the comment said is literally canon

  5. Derpixion is a woman. Unless you meant "man" in the cool, gender-neutral "Cowabunga, man! 😎" type of way.

  6. Fun fact, man is actually also a term for a human being, there is a reason the word "mankind" (synonym to "humanity") exists

  7. Not true I managed to get my appeal accepted and I did what I was banned for I just got my friend to stage some screenshots I followed the rules to a t since then though

  8. 💀, also how come i got banned for "banned modification" on vanilla and didnt get unbanned?

  9. Idk did you have solid evidence that you didn't do it I literally had my friend make a video claiming to me with an edited day and everything to make it look like I didn't do it

  10. I showed the mc login files, the day i got banned i hadnt used forge or any other client, the application got autodenied with a message like "thank you for applying but we have decided to deny your application as we have decided you still deserve the ban"

  11. Sometimes do, i have autism and my friends do as well, we tested some of them and turns out some are pretty accurate, they tested positive on every1 of my friends that had autism, and negative on those who didnt

  12. "yeah i have some woman friends" female ks acceptable in the right context lmao

  13. If you get banned for it, appeal it and say something like "Am I not allowed to say the name of my home country" or whatever lol. Not much they can do.

  14. I got banned for "boosting" with just an ironman profile, i didnt get unbanned, they dont even check their appeals, you never get unbanned unless you have a red name

  15. " boosting " can mean a plethora of things, you probably macroed lol

  16. I didnt lol, i just casually played with my irl friend, i wasnt even on forge, and i played like 30 min a day for a month, i really have no idea how i got banned, also ik coop can get you banned, but he didnt get banned

  17. if you did 100 t5 revs you're not especially bothered by that 5m

  18. As a midgame rev enthusiast who doesnt like mindlessly grinding for money, that 5m is very appreciated

  19. 5m is nothing tho, why would u care about saving 5m? you can make more money from diana by investing in daed sticks and chimera

  20. I mean those 5m could go into investing in diana as well to make even more money

  21. well actually homosexuality was a common thing in ottoman empire. It was like (I dont know how to tell this in a right way) woman for family and child. Men for fun. I dont know if there is a special name for this "ritual" but there is a popular turkish name. we call it "osmanlı treni". If you paste it in the search bar and go to images you might find it.

  22. En passant is always the answer

  23. Whats hunter x hunter? Do you mean hunter2?

  24. Basically the only ones that show power are A and B, but those do show power

  25. Dont do solo leveling like that ):

  26. You’re banned for cheating. So no, you won’t get unbanned until the ban duration ends. Play fairly next time.

  27. I got banned for boosting with literally only one profile, if you look at OPs comments as well it should be pretty obvious this is a false ban. Use your brain next time.

  28. Of course not, why would they say so otherwise?

  29. It’s not like they got married and had a kid together /s

  30. yes he is. captain of squad 1. again, i dont think shes faster than yama but its plain stupid to say he doesnt count as a captain

  31. You dont get my point, he is a captain yes, but he wasnt included in the category soifons speed was measured in

  32. Because soifon obviously is faster and everyone knew yama was the strongest captain by far? Ik strength doesnt really relate to speed, but both shunsui and ukitake saw that speed many times

  33. "the fanbase" is one of the most wholesome thing ive seen. Well, except for a few here and there but ig that cant be avoided

  34. Meanwhile basically every game out there has a kid in it, i also play valorant, and people think thats fine, but every 5th person in valorant is shouting racist stuff through the entire match, valorant has a much worse and more toxic fanbase imo

  35. Swedish here, i think i speak for every swede when i say "borås"

  36. Duh, why would he say it otherwise?

  37. Her hair is so black the background became pale 💀

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