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  1. all i know is that that treasure map took forever to complete because of all the ridges

  2. it’s good for hunting, like the varmint rifle that’s like the only reason to buy them really besides haha funny npc no legs

  3. Sure im a level 233 I think and I can help you make money in less than 20 hours I turned my freind from level 1 to 24 and he had made about 5k$

  4. Damn! That sounds great! I’m trying to get enough gold to become a bounty hunter, message me ur ps user if u wanna saddle up!

  5. You should play the story. Just doing online won't set you up with any prior experience. Knowing the world you're in makes all the difference.

  6. I am in the middle of act 6 currently, it’s pretty damn good!

  7. Well well well, if it isn’t a little kyoshin fembussy I see…

  8. i’ll add you, I’m Lamorak

  9. funniest comment i’ve seen in a while

  10. You get this armor at the end of the game or by doing revenge missions on orcs that killed other players

  11. you don’t get this set at the end of the game

  12. yeah i got klassic movie raiden the first time, now my mk11 sub is f5… happy abt it

  13. yeah dawg, that’s lucky asf. I’ve been playing for a year and can barely scratch one mil. nice

  14. Perhaps you should focus more on survivor if you don’t already. Felt easy to get that much with few clears. Ofc you’ll need multiple teams capable of clearing normal and hard tower, and split your equipments between them. One multiple character, and 2 of your top ones. Or 2 multiple and 1 maxed character. Survivor without bonus isn’t that rewarding I imagine.

  15. Yeah I’ve been doing it a while. Full Mk11 team good buffs and armors

  16. Snow has plot armor so him, but it you take into account hood character writing Jamie will win low diff

  17. me in my dreams in underwear

  18. after researched like other comment said, hit the hammer icon bottom second left

  19. lmk what animal hospitals, so i know where not to go

  20. Oh noooo how ever will a keep a clinic running without you 😭 all my hopes and dreams are crushed

  21. They will respawn at a later point

  22. lucky i want a ronin team so bad, i got klassic movie raiden. anyone know what team to build around that. the passive isn’t very descriptive

  23. with the emperors reinforcements

  24. it’s not a hacked orc, just get good

  25. I just learned from this post that it wasn't

  26. how many do i need for that? i have 21, and how

  27. i can rock the baby with a yoyo with my eyes closed

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