1. My heart literally skipped a beat coz I thought this meant it was out now lol, looking forward to watching/discussing.

  2. But Netflix doesn’t care. Creators and Netflix are not the same thing

  3. Netflix does care, what are you talking about? Netflix cares about new subscriptions as well as retaining their current subscribers, so they most certainly pay attention to viewership.

  4. I mean they no longer have a director... so yeah, not unexpected.

  5. How do I find out about casting opportunities near me?

  6. you join an casting agency (even if just for background), and typically you need to move to where movies are made. I.e. los angeles, new york, vancouver - in order of most employment to moderate)

  7. How would they get here though? I thought we banned flights to/from Russia at the beginning of the war, no?

  8. Exiting as director but staying on as executive producer. Seems like he wants to do his own thing and not get locked into a Marvel multi-year deal, similar to Jon Watts leaving F4. Good for him!

  9. Really? How often do you talk to gay men because whenever I'm with my gay friends her name comes up frequently

  10. Well I am gay, have gay friends, and no - none of us say that.

  11. Lindell has, in fact, in the past been addicted to cocaine. He's been open about that. He denies that he has again fallen into the addiction, but many doubt that.

  12. Leave this garbage in the meme subs where it belongs.

  13. Wtf, do you show up in every thread where people are trying to have a good time and just laugh, just so you can piss all over it? Chill out.

  14. What country are you presently in? Not every country has access to Netflix and you have left that vital piece of information out, which would either validate your concern or entirely dismiss it.

  15. Hackers love to fly too close to the sun. Law enforcement isn't short of equally skilled forensic tech officers, and they put more budget and emphasis on that sector with each passing year.

  16. Brought to you by the chumps that fucked up Game of Thrones. Can’t wait

  17. I loved every season minus the 8th, so if they were responsible for all those seasons, but fucked the landing, then I am willing to assume they learned from their past mistake but still have and have honed the obvious talent that gave us the first seven seasons.

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