1. Out of 2 P365 .380's, my wife's and mine and we only had 1 failure to eject in the first 50 rounds. We've since fired about 400 rounds with several types and brands of ammo with no further issues. We love them.

  2. As a young guy erk turning thirty who had two grandparents who both fought in WWII, I love your appreciation of some of the firearms used by people who fought in WWII. Keep up the good work,

  3. Look on the face of at the Guy sweeping the range and realizing "Yes, that's a select fire gun..." PRICELESS

  4. I own this model and love it. Out of 12 S&W revolvers this one is the best. The port definitely cools the muzzle flip a bit and the performance center tuned trigger is notably superior to the standard S&W nice baseline triggers included on their stock models. When I compare this one to the 19 classic on my lame little YouTube page it’s evident that all the praise this model receives is well deserved.

  5. You never want to break the spirit of one of these master pieces. You want to keep them alive and intact the way they came originally.

  6. Well, it's a classic debate that has been going on for years in the firearms community - 9mm vs. 45acp. Some people swear by the stopping power of the 45acp, while others prefer the higher capacity and lower recoil of the 9mm.

  7. I must agree I think BMW have listened to what people say as the Kidney Grilles on this look much better than the previous model

  8. You guys should leave google maps links to these places, definitely wanna check out this hotel when i travel to Austria ahaha

  9. You said it the car has three motors, but the the back of the car clearly has the badging "Dual Motor". Please fix this inconsistenc

  10. Don't forget, the people that are allocated these already have multiple Porche's.

  11. think the airlines should name the first class seats the "Bentley Bentayga" section

  12. Nice truck, but Damn, these truck prices have skyrocketed. I bought my '18 Lariat with Sport pkg, FX4, panoramic sunroof, B&O sound system, heated and cooled seats, pretty loaded, for 52K in March '18. Looks like I'll be driving my truck until the axles fall off. Besides, Ford does not offer the sports pkg anymore with the two color leather seats, black and red. For that reason alone I cannot give up my truck.

  13. I totally get what you're saying. Back in the day, it used to be all about being the best and dominating the leaderboards. But nowadays, it's true that completing the season pass has become more important. And honestly, I don't think it's such a bad thing.

  14. the golden years? you mean the GOLDEN RATIO (pun fully intended if I can make it work). every single time I see a BMW, it conforms (some series and models perfectly so) to the golden ratio of 1 to .618. the body is proportioned as the golden rectangle that is just so beautiful and pleasing to look at...today's models though with that hideous grille and disproportionate ratios on the body make it not to be so...

  15. o? The 2021 model looks ugly and they removed the column shifter. Ruined

  16. Still own my aunt who bought a 87 Caprice Brougham LS Maroon on Maroon with leather brand new. She passed away in 90 and my grandfather kept it in the garage with car cover over it for years. Only started it and drove it around a few blocks only in spring and summer. It's immaculate. My grandmother and grandfather gave it to me back in 96 I still own it and take very great care of it. Only thing I had done to it was rust proofing the undercarriage. Only drive it in the summer.

  17. I own one, it's my daily driver - I am living the dream! Yes its that bloody amazing!

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