1. Retarded w*stoids think macun is normal food? It's herbal food to make your dick rock hard.

  2. new player here (ilvl 1100), but what does corro mean 😅 what is happening in this? i’m not sure what i’m reading

  3. Corro means corrosive bomb it makes it easier to break armour with your destruction skills or bombs. If you did guardians in T1 there's similiar boss called chromanium.

  4. This subreddit is full of retards trying to normalise war crimes.

  5. Find a guild that focus on raiding, than u won't need to worry about gatekeeping. Ask for help and in future try to return the favour.

  6. This advice literally ignores 60% of the player base.

  7. Any info about this garbage's arrest or hopefully death?

  8. Great music, is it the Turkish equivalent of Benny Hill's?

  9. It's a soundtrack from Turkish film called Recep İvedik

  10. ive got one thing to say, dont use a fucking stone calculator wtf

  11. Call 5-2, 7-2, or 11-2 the second Morphe dies. Take a middle cross position for first mech. Grabs a color orb and wait in middle until someone pings.

  12. I'm In This Photo and I Don't Like It.

  13. Dropped that shit as soon as I saw the mecha type shit.

  14. Was lvl 18 picked goat killing quest from town. Searched web where to find goats. Reekwater is closest one. I had to run across a river and there was alligators died 4-5 times to them but finally made it to the road. Saw goat attack and got one shot. It was fun!

  15. Steal a soul for a second chance But you will never become a man

  16. Immortal temptation takes over my mind Condemned Falling weak on my knees, summon the strength Of mayhem

  17. I play lunar because an Assasin should use stealth.

  18. Got 7s for my machinist and reaper red skills so I am good.

  19. Dedem keşke hak yeseydi de şuan bmw em ile geziyor olurdum.

  20. I need the skin color code of the 2 of them at right side please.

  21. Wardancer : 503E3F Scrapper : 958270

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