1. Most of the YPR-765 IFVs as well (the version with turret and 25mm autocannon). It seems like they went on a shopping spree in The Netherlands around a decade ago.

  2. I don’t expect Xbox Game Studio multiplayer games on Playstation just like how i don’t expect Playstation Studios multiplayer games on Xbox but we have seen with Bungie that a 3rd option is possible.

  3. I am slightly curious if future Bethesda/ZeniMax multiplayer games will be multiplatform like with Bungie.

  4. It honestly looks like Microsoft didn't give a shit about Redfall and only had eyes for Todd Howard and Starfield, all while Arkane didn't know how to make a multiplayer game and neglected making a good single player. Hope they go back to making single player games you can play without being forced into coop.

  5. Maybe, I enjoyed the whole film but the ending was very abrupt and unsatisfying

  6. Just because MS can outbid Sony doesn’t mean they will.

  7. Oh. Didn't read the price... wait... they are worth 69 billion now. Did they had that amount of money before? Lol what a downfall.

  8. Acquisition Financing: Definition, How It Works, Types

  9. As a Lair player it’s killing me the back and forth on wether or not Baldrake will be included in this set…. Yeah it isn’t shown in the video but neither is Lubellion who we know is coming and even has an animation…

  10. Meanwhile i hope that this pack includes Dogmatika Alba Zoa and Dogmatikamatrix.

  11. Bystials for hand traps, Dogmatika for a sub engine, A single copy of Shaddol and Ghostricks for main and normal.

  12. This one and the next one are being made at once like the Lord of the Rings movies. Part 3 is due for next March, less than a year away.

  13. I can’t wait for Spider-Man: The Return of the King

  14. Here come another 15 votes for a new Republican Speaker of the House.

  15. It is safe to say that Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is locked for an Oscar nomination.

  16. Lol second review is Roger Moore who scored it rotten 2/4.

  17. Are we sure that the review wasn’t written by J. Jonah Jameson?

  18. I’ll definitely need to craft another Nadir Servant.

  19. Yup, but only up to the number banned. If you have 10 of a card going from unlimited to banned, they'll only refund you the CP for the 3. Same thing for cards that were semi-limited to limited.

  20. That’s more generous than i expected from Konami.

  21. I had the same problem yesterday while trying to watch LOTR.

  22. I've turned of HDR on ps5 settings and now it's playing, but I feel like that kind if defeats the point

  23. I simply closed the movie and restarted it and that seemingly fixed it.

  24. What are the rewards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place?

  25. That James Bond Collection packaging is huge.

  26. I'd love for that to happen after the bill gets passed. Another 15 rounds of groveling to get appointed Speaker again.

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