1. So in case some of you aren't familiar,, OmegaX was a group on Spire Entertainment and in November of 2022 some fans claimed they were verbally and physically assaulted in one of their tours, which eventually led to the members doing a press conference detailing these events and exposing the company's behaviors.

  2. Speaking of which, and out of curiosity, how active is she on Fromm? From what I've seen on Twitter I have chanced upon chat screenshots from the other 4 remaining BBC-trapped members but none from Olivia Hye so far.

  3. Can tell you she has 26 messages and hasn’t posted anything since the 22nd.

  4. Definitely pains me a bit to see all the BBC related things recently (Haseul & Yves at the practice room, the Yves birthday post), I really hope we have more news soon and they can be free.

  5. Looking a bit deeper into the fromm app:

  6. Let's gooooooooooooooooooooooo! Amazing. Subbits translation coming in the next few minutes!!

  7. Was an orbit before an NBA fan!

  8. Full article translation:

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