JPMorgan Abetted Madoff's $65,000,000,000 Ponzi Scheme & Crime on WallStreet. "While numerous financial institutions enabled Bernie's fraud, JPM was at the very center of that fraud & thoroughly complicit in it" according to lawsuit. JPM is the largest FDIC-insured, tax-payer backed bank in the USA

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U.S. DOJ in process of seizing Robinhood shares tied to Alameda Research loans

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  1. Aria broke millions of minds with this scene

  2. Can I be rich this week? Is that too much to ask?

  3. I hope you do bro, because if you, i will too

  4. Cuando era más joven pensaba que era invencible y que estaba lleno de conocimiento, más que el de cualquier persona de mi edad promedio, esto me pasó factura más pronto que tarde y durante varios años tuve que pagar el precio. Creeme, gracias a eso ahora se que por más que uno sepa o sea bueno en algo siempre hay que ser una buena persona con los demás y que todos merecemos y necesitamos ayuda aunque estemos en el pináculo de la sociedad.

  5. No entendí, que era que sabías que los demás no?

  6. Lo que yo creí que sabía, de todo en general, no habia algo en específico.

  7. Dudo mucho que pase si el país de origen cae en un colapso financiero. Aka murica

  8. Nunca se contempló hacer las 3 lineas al mismo tiempo, imaginate el caos vial, el orden siempre fue Linea 6, Linea 4 y Linea 5

  9. All my homies hate JPMorgan Chase and Jamie Dimon

  10. This is a dedicated guy, not the one with the starfish

  11. This is like the 99999th time this "meme" is posted in this 2 years

  12. Tus transacciones siempre deben de ser en horas de mercado, no intentes adivinar cómo va a quedar, compra al precio del momento y ya

  13. Toda esa gente mentandole la madre a este pendejo, me hace sentir orgulloso

  14. Some of us realized in 2021 about some things, the ones with the plan probably started to plan more years ago than we think, this is it, and we are here living the changed.

  15. From The Guardian: A Million people in France are demonstrating because they are pissed off that the retirement age will be raised from age 62 to 64

  16. I bet this is just to delay the financial crisis thats coming, wonder what other countries would do

  17. This is such a train wreck of a post and the mods refuse to acknowledge it

  18. I was reporting this for months and no mod did shit about it, this guy keeps posting this karma farming useless post, it is SO annoying. But hey lets ban the kenny the criminal posting boy because much posting and karma farming.

  19. Culazo que quisiera romper, debe estar apretadito 🤤🔥😏

  20. No jodas, se ve hermoso ese culote

  21. Why do they put these guys with worked on cocks against this tiny ass girls on porn and think it’s hot

  22. You said it, they and more people think is hot, i wouldnt ask because everyone have their tastes

  23. I would exile myself with all the acomodations needed to witness how far humanity would go in the future, i wouldnt risk being caught for researches.

  24. Dude these videos never have source or at least a name, why?

  25. As someone in this very same post said "He is a friend from other school you wouldnt know him"

  26. I would like too watch the full

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