Android fans, what are the primary reasons why you will never ever switch to an Iphone?

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AITA for refusing to to let my husband's infertile friend name our son?

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  1. First you get them to say the little words, then you teach them about "Number one bullshit". It's a phrase that we all need in this life.

  2. Florida is still at least a little bit purple, though they’re doing their darndest to make it unpleasant for anyone who isn’t a Trumpet. Still, not gonna wish a hurricane on (most) Floridians. Whatever Ian wants to do to De Santis, Scott, and/or Gaetz’s stuff, I’m not about to get in its way.

  3. If I could walk Ian over to their houses personally, I would.

  4. I cannot believe that this is a real post. But if it is, you're a giant asshole with huge entitlement and no self-awareness.

  5. They were happy to put the giant vase in the middle of the dinner table so they wouldn't have to look at each other.

  6. Ok, so imagine that you started your job at 5am, and then worked until 9am. Then you get a break until 245pm. BUT, you're on call, and at any moment might be needed at the job, so it's hard to plan your free time. Then you go back to work, and your shift ends at some non-predictable time. Could be 8pm or 9pm. Then you go to sleep and do it again the next day. On weekends, you work the whole day.

  7. NTA. "Friend" should have said something at that point in time if it bothered her. I don't think it's cool to save it all up for an intervention. If they didn't want to see nudity, they were at the wrong beach.

  8. The other day I had to do something on an iPad for a client. It wasn't working, so I updated it. Couldn't access the super expensive speech therapy app after that point. So I'm telling my coworkers about it, and as soon as I said I updated the iPad, they all groaned. A group of iPhone users all knew that the update was my fuck up, immediately. That moment solidified my decision to never go down Apple Road.

  9. It's not the best decision, but it happens to a lot of us. Just keep moving forward. Since you feel bad about it, don't do it again. Think about what made you say yes, and next time say no. Is it the people? Is it the booze? Were you desperate for some kind of rush? Have the hard conversation with yourself and change the routine next time.

  10. ESH. Your dad's house is obviously chaotic and hard for you to have a place there. But like, you are also entitled as fuck going into that girl's room and taking her stuff. You see that she came from a bad place, she has issues that people are trying to help her with, but you can't be bothered to find your own headphones or ask for your own snacks?

  11. Heck yeah! Nice guns! Your picture from August looks very healthy and strong. Keep up the great work!

  12. I don't like a person that uses personal information as ammunition. Not as a friend, not as a confidant, and definitely not as a partner. You brought it up, and instead of apologizing, she doubled down. This isn't a good relationship and you should leave it. She doesn't have empathy, or at least doesn't show it, and she won't listen to you. No basic decency on her part.

  13. NTA. Your husband is enabling Will's unhealthy coping habits with his infertility. Will needs therapy. He lost relationships from lying about it, or pretending it wasn't there. Making some furniture and naming the kid won't fix it, he needs to confront that issue head on.

  14. So he's hurt that the woman he married and allows to threaten you with punishments that are egregious and don't teach trust pushed you to a response to her threats, and because of that he doesn't trust you? Nah. I'm sorry to say this but I think he's really coming from a place of narcissistic behavior on that one. No parent should allow their kid to feel unsafe and then guilt trip them because they're put them in that position.

  15. At work, I wear an extremely padded bra. It helps for potential pinches, punches, bites, etc. You can also wear a silky feeling tank top under a regular shirt and it makes it harder to grab ahold of your skin. Some pinchers are masters of the trade, however, and can get a good grasp despite this. Compression shirts make it harder to pinch, but depending on how they bite, might not help with that.

  16. He's 30 years old, is interested in anal sex and he has skid marks 50% of the time? I feel like if you're interested in putting something in the butt you should be better at cleaning the butt. You've caught him soliciting people for sex and moved past it?

  17. Wow! You are killing it! Way to go on your awesome work, and keep doing you!

  18. waht oif i cant even suggest therapy or anything because she is extremely senstiive to any kind of criticsm or anything

  19. I see a phrase in this subreddit quite often. You can set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm. Or an older one, you can't pour from an empty cup. She needs to be willing to get help. To go to therapy and break this cycle. You can stand by her, hold her when she cries because doing self-work is hard. But you can't keep being her only support system. It reinforces codependency, it actively harms you, and it doesn't make her any better off.

  20. I must be an artificial woman then. Damn, I thought I was real.

  21. NTA. If he had taken care of the problem with his brother, you wouldn't have needed to solve it yourself. Instead, he acts like his bullshit little conversation solved the problem and brushes you off after. The lock can go when his brother goes, and your husband needs to stop turning your protection of yourself into an act of malice against him. Which, btw, is a huge red flag.

  22. NTA. Dump this useless dude. He's strong arming you into behavior that he prefers by constantly bullying you with what his exes did. So be like his exes and dump his fucking ass.

  23. I bought one because it said Steve. Never had a POP figure before, but my partner and I found it hilarious. Now we'll talk about an interview or awesome play and be like "That's how ol' Steve Stamkos does it."

  24. I bet all of the girls get a cookie like this.

  25. That little splash of green? Pffft, I thought those were decorative leaves.

  26. This weekend, there was a TIFU about a couple on their anniversary vacation having sex outside of their fancy resort and then realizing that paragliders could see them. I like to think that this video accompanies that post.

  27. Oh my God, I love this. I've worked with a lot of good/ great/ amazing BCBAs, but the one that fit this immediately came to mind. Lol. Thanks for posting!

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