1. I wish they have blackjack or poker where we can use & gain chips faster while also having a fun gameplay instead of just brain dead clicking

  2. Nah Man U just gotta pay to unlock the characters what do u mean?

  3. I googled it and it showed me lots of cartoon porn

  4. Sheng shiong atm can, but because they decide to set them separately need go 2 times, withdraw 90 from 100 and then 990 from 1000, leaving you 19.80 in NS credit.

  5. The withdrawal for $100 is still available at the Sheng shiong atm? I thought cause of the online media the withdrawal function was closed. Or did they limit the with draw to a certain amount?

  6. I love one fc but my respect for it is at its all time Low. Signing this liptard to speak is like hiring a fake hand sign interpreter

  7. Game bread would win it at record time by doing a Colby but lose it when it’s ring time

  8. It doesn’t show cloud flare or anything it’s just a white screen on my end that says 500 internal error. It’s happening to me on all websites except google,YouTube,search engine in general

  9. It's still the same issue. Cloudflare hosts some huge 40-50% of the web, this will be around for the coming hour for different services.

  10. Oh I see. I understand now thank you so much. Does this happen very often?

  11. That’s so worth it a GI by itself will run u $40-60 after looking at the whole thing basically 65% of the $179 is just equipment cost really worth it

  12. I’ve been receiving my pay no issue till recently my bank detailed never changed and I haven’t touched it :(

  13. What in the CTE. He is a really nice guy tho

  14. Around 2000-2500 Baht for gloves and 300 for hand wraps. Shorts run from 300-1000.

  15. Either he is brain dead or he just trains with untrained people. I can see him not tapping to a rnc but how does one not tap from an armbar

  16. This card was suppose to be a introduction to the south east Asia/ Asia marketer but yet they did not put in any super noticeable names. Won’t really be surprised if the attendance comes out Low and they just dismiss the Asian market as a whole kinda sad given how popular One FC is in Asia if only UFC is willing to put in some effort

  17. Compared to other sports like boxing,weightlifting,BJJ. Muay Thai is the most risk free (if you don’t spar hard) I was even able to train and do pad work even with injuries

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