i adopted a cat to try to bring more stability in my life … looks like she’s only going to bring more chaos 🥲 this is after 2 hours of getting her

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  1. Oh no my fake watch is not fake enough….

  2. Regardless of the other comments I think it’s beautiful the numbers could use a different font but I would definitely get one.

  3. Tudor all day. New movement, better specs, warranty, extra function, etc Also no need to worry about gasket deterioration, scratches, bracelet stretch or service history

  4. I totally did not think of that gasket deterioration is where water comes into the watch right?

  5. Yes. It probably won't be a problem but I rather have a newer watch. I got my dad a Tudor Pelagos and it stopped running one month after the warranty expired! Luckily Tudor AD was kind enough to repair it for free. If you buy a vintage watch, unless the reseller offers you an independent warranty, any problems are going to come out of your pocket

  6. I think they have for 1 year but I don’t live in the resellers country so unless I travel back to his place the warranty is kinda useless

  7. What reference is that Speedy? I’ve never seen one like that before and it’s really cool.

  8. Is that the Orbis Speedmaster or just a normal blue dial 39mm? I looked at the orbis one long and hard, but as petty as it sounds, I just didn’t like the 12 o’clock marker on these particular Speedmasters 😂 otherwise I think I’d have had it. Really love speedmasters in anything other than black. The black Speedmaster has become a bit boring imo

  9. It’s nice and all and I even considered getting myself one but the only issue I have is that it doesn’t illuminate at night

  10. I love the purple dial it’s a unique colour and ones that’s not common for a watch love it!

  11. I’ve gotten abit of backlash and weird looks and stares when I tell people I mainly buy watches after someone dies. A “normal” person would buy it cause of celebration but how long does a celebration even last? 1 day to a week at most. By then the joy would be mostly gone or forgotten and there always more celebrations to come. Unlike your loved ones which is 1/1 that probably played a big part of your life and spent years with you that you will never forget. Would you rather one a timepiece that represent that one time you got drunk with Steve for a promotion and another for buying your own house which you will see and live in constantly. Or a timepiece where every time you look down it represents a love one I.e oh it’s 3pm that use to be the time where me and XX would always have lunch or meet up. Or I got this strap cause XX loves this material,I got this dial cause it’s XX favourite Color.

  12. Don’t worry it’s just transforming into a titan

  13. The dial is just peaceful. OP, mind sharing what your life goal was that you found peace giving up on it?

  14. I wanted a family basically. I was in the wrong place, wrong time with the wrong people. One of my family member a surpport pillar and someone whom I considered a daughter to me died last year. This year another one of my family member whom is like a sister to me died too.

  15. I feel you, even though I am at the other side of the coin. I have a good loving family, stable, and am content with the hand I've been dealt with.

  16. That’s more than anything money could buy even tho it might not see like it now. A family is the best thing ever coming from someone who had to discover “their” dead bodies bury & cremate them.

  17. It’s as the titles says. I originally wanted to buy a Tudor GMT but I’ve searched all Tudor boutique in Tokyo and it’s all out of stock and even with the stock that came in recently there was only 1 shop that got the GMT but it was in a different strap.

  18. If i understand correctly, of the available inventory, these are your top 2 choices? What would consider if inventory wasn’t an issue?

  19. If I have to be frank these were not in my options at the start. But yes out of all of the available “options” these are more like my only choices. There was also Brand’s like omega,IWC,breitling,blancpain but they did not caught my eye or I could get them cheaper on the grey market.

  20. It’s as the titles says. I originally wanted to buy a Tudor GMT but I’ve searched all Tudor boutique in Tokyo and it’s all out of stock and even with the stock that came in recently there was only 1 shop that got the GMT but it was in a different strap.

  21. I think he might be hanging out with Jon Jones abit too much

  22. Then no matters who wins no one gets to fight for the title and it’s an automatic win for Rodtang?

  23. Thanks for noticing. Yep I went from 95kg to currently 83kg.

  24. Nvr been pushed so hard in my life but it was worth it. Before the pads there was clinching,technique & sparring work and yes my shirt is drenched and my form is off

  25. Hi all, I live on the 10th floor and I’m scared that she might escape or wants to be outdoors again. As there are cases where cars fall from like the 7th story building or dangling at a high floor. Also I can’t seem to carry her to the lift and she doesn’t want to be carried and she won’t follow me to the elevator

  26. Who’s the dude that’s riding on bisping?

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