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  1. the real perverts are the guys who accuse the dems every day on social media about being groomers? the hypocrisy of the retrumplicans.

  2. I was just thinking the same when I saw your comment.

  3. I would have thought the speech far more than enough, especially with Giuliani being so kind as to clarify that the kind of fighting they were looking for was a game of thrones style fight to the death...

  4. Wait what? Damn I didn't see that part. I couldn't get through the whole thing. I need to watch the whole speech today. Wow.

  5. That's the trick, it was either before or after (pretty sure before, I remember telling someone back then who claimed "fight" wasn't literally meaning armed fighting, to which I responded that Giuliani made it VERY clear what kind of fight they meant), but all my searches produce the orange idiots speech, not Runny Giuliani's... If you find that part, let me know, going to add it to my collection

  6. I will, you do the same please. I've tried to find it. It's hard to keep up with how often and which one of these people are threatening Civil War. Notice that they, especially Trump, only seem to call for violence and protest when the cause directly suits them personally. Trump is so insane that he literally thinks his cultists should burn the country down if he gets arrested. It's lunacy.

  7. Yeah I know that. And Manson has used Nazi symbolism, no doubt. Think: ACSS banners with shock symbol. I was just saying I didn't get what that commenter was trying to say. Are they trying to be funny? Call Manson a Nazi sympathizer? Call OP a Nazi sympathizer? It was just a dumbass comment and annoyed me for some reason. People throw the term "Nazi sympathizer" around so easily. Manson was trying to make a point, not sympathize with Nazis. Quite the opposite. I think we're so far removed from Nazis and the Holocaust that people have no clue what real Nazis/Nazi sympathizers are. Honestly I don't even know how someone can be a Nazi sympathizer this day an age when there aren't any (actual) Nazis. "Sympathizing" with something from 80 years ago that you read in a history book or see in a documentary is MUCH different than sympathizing and being okay with Nazis and what they were actually doing, in real time, in front of your eyes. I know, I'm probably going way deeper into this than I should but this just annoys me lol.

  8. I know exactly what you mean and totally agree. I don't think you went too deep into it. Sadly we have to in order to try and explain this to people that have such narrow and easily manipulated minds. I have the urge to write a novel here but you hit the main points so I won't do it lol.

  9. I agree that it would just like their awful Buffy podcast. But people won’t listen to a Bravo podcast so they won’t make it. They’ll just subject all of us to it since it’ll get listens.

  10. I wonder how many podcasts it's possible for them to make and regularly post on...

  11. Different effects for different people. As far as I can tell the higher priced brands are hit or miss.

  12. They are all hit or miss. I can't think of any cultivator in Ohio that hasn't had shitty runs.

  13. I'll shout out Buckeye Relief here. They should be the standard for operations.

  14. Agreed. They are one of two companies I always feel confident buying from. Did you try their Blueberry Muffins strain? It was some of the best tasting bud I've had in this program.

  15. I'm glad I'm not the only one! I was thinking other people have to be thinking this.

  16. When I saw they were covering that case I knew they were going to go off on the friends who did, indeed, think it was a joke because they were like 15 and the episode would turn into the Alaina judgement power hour.

  17. Yep. That's exactly what it was. I shamelessly hate listen occasionally and Alaina is so god damn pretentious and judgemental. She's so wrapped up in how great she is she doesn't even realize that she does things like this all the time.

  18. If Dwight and Michael can use a beanbag chair they found in the dump than surely someone here wants this dumpster hat.

  19. They definitely would still mind if a male porn star or a male rock star that has a very sexual and bdsm style preformance (kinda like what Manson's persona already is but even more extreme) was accused of what Manson is being accused of. If that's what you're asking...

  20. Yeah it's just an easy thing to say to discredit you. And that's a good point that people who say stuff like that kind of exempt themselves from having to do any real thinking.

  21. Right? I'm not even saying I KNOW that Manson is innocent. I'm/we all are just looking at everything out there and see that there's zero evidence that shows him to be guilty and so much that defends his innocence. I mean what are we supposed to do? I can't just believe someone's a rapist and pedophile just because some random women in Hollywood tell me to. It's really sad that #metoo has become tainted like this. I mean even Rose McGowan is being bullied, or was being bullied, by Wood supporters because she wasn't just blindly believing Wood. That says all I need to know about Wood supporters.

  22. Don't be sorry. That all makes a lot of sense. And again, I'm sorry you went through that.

  23. Very well put. That explains perfectly why I hate seeing people say that the only reason people defend Manson or Depp is that they are some kind of super deranged fan. That's such an easy way for them to think they have the moral high ground while not actually having to do any thinking for themselves. Hopefully this does end up making an impact. I think it has already at least presented the fact that this does happen.

  24. I really think he will. It's going to take a long time but I really think he will.

  25. It’s somewhat baseless to say but I like to say I know he will

  26. Fill those lungs up like you're about to go as deep as you can underwater and turn up the heat! Lol I know you can't do it with a DV those you go past the clicks by a second or two.

  27. That's the issue I think. I kept trying to find something that would give me the same high as smoking. The Dynavap was the closest but still didn't really do it.

  28. For me the volcano is almost the same as smoking as far as strong feeling drilled in effects. You own a volcano and don't get desired effects?

  29. I'm sorry, I don't know why I confused the two, I have a solo tower. So basically a generic rip off Volcano. Is there really a big difference? I would get a volcano if it was actually worth it. They're just fucking expensive and since nothing else has really worked I haven't gotten one.

  30. Wouldn’t be surprised if Zappa was an influence. But I don’t think it’s 100% Wonka, Manson was also riffing on the kidnapper trope in a lot of 70s shows like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Lidsville. He’s just personifying that sort of wicked character that takes the kids away and corrupts them, whether it’s with chocolate and temptations or drugs or whatever.

  31. I love this song so much. If Manson never ends up making music again (I totally think he will and would never not want him to stop) I think Broken Needle would be the perfect last song on the last album.

  32. This happens a lot with cultivators. It's by far not a Certified thing. You bought what is on the top label though, to be clear.

  33. Keep an eye on They just did sweet dreams, god of fuck and everlasting cocksucker.

  34. Was going to say the same thing. The only thing that sucks about him is that if you miss it, it's gone. He does repeats occasionally though so... There's a lot of Manson shirts though so I'm sure he'll keep making them.

  35. I understand, I have a thing for redheads myself, and even though I really liked Yen's model at first, I am clearly not compatible with another bitchy INTJ 😂

  36. It would be really fucking cool if it is real though. I would love to have one. I almost caught one a long time ago but didn't get to it in time. That's another reason why I think it might not be real though because people were grabbing at it and it ended up being torn apart in the crowd.

  37. Nice. This feels as relivant as ever. I have never read this before. Maybe I'll get to relive the late 90s when Manson tours again and be threatened by protestors at his shows...

  38. Arguing about who's the bigger idiot feels like, well, something an idiot would do.

  39. I don't think anyone is implying that people are giving away their life savings. That's idiotic to assume. Trump has though become a snake oil salesmen to his followers. He also took $250 million in donations from his cult members saying it would go to an election defense fund to pay for legal fees to overturn the 2020 presidential election results then never actually opened the fund.

  40. John 5 got credit for Zim Zum's work. Zim Zum didn't write Antichrist, Daisy & Twiggy did. Zimmy Wrote Mechanical Animals album riffs that was technical AF!

  41. Where I can find this girl?

  42. I was lucky and was chosen to be able to pre order one that I got either the day it was released or the day after.

  43. Thank you so much for sharing this. Hearing this from someone that was there gives me all the more reason to hold fast in my own beliefs.

  44. I highly suggest watching this. Ticketmaster is a horrible company. They still owe me money and I know I'll never see it. This is a great segment from Jon Oliver's show that goes into Ticketmaster and explains very well just how corrupt they are.

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