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  1. His girlfriends name was Missi and he practically saved her life. Not me crying when I heard the part in the autobiography about Minute Of Decay- lmao

  2. I've been reading a lot of this coming upgrade. Seems I've played the game at a convenient time. What can I expect of it?

  3. I think it's just an upgrade for ps5 like they've been doing with a lot of ps4 games. It still looks amazing on ps4 as is though. You won't feel like you're missing anything if you don't have a ps5. Cd Project Red did an amazing job and it's perfectly fine to play as is imo. I was just lucky to get a ps5 when it came out so I'm waiting to play it again when they update it. Enjoy it though regardless. I think it's the best open world game there is!

  4. Sounds amazing! Correct me if I'm wrong, but from CDPR's twitter, this upgrade comes with an additional new expansion coming Q4 2022, right?

  5. Looks like they def are doing the next gen update in Q4 this year. Apparently they are doing an expansion that has something to do with the Netflix series but I'm not sure if that is coming out with the update or not...

  6. I think it's a possibility, but I also feel like a platform like buzzfeed might steer clear of a "hit piece", as the morbid franchise has enough money to hire a decent lawyer.

  7. Wouldn't it only be open to litigation if it had malicious and untrue statements? I mean no one here is lying about anything... I could be wrong so correct me if I am though.

  8. I'm not sure tbh. As a podcaster myself, I just try to err on the side of caution, because I don't have much, but I don't want it sued out from under me either 😂 it could be totally fine if sticking to only factual statements 🤷‍♀️😬

  9. Sounds like you're doing it the right way!

  10. With the current state of medical marijuana prices on this state I have zero problem paying for this strain. It's amazing. For me and my needs it's basically the perfect strain.

  11. Roll it up in white rolling paper. Then put them in a bag of q-tips. Works every time

  12. Isn't the smell the issue? Hopefully no drug dogs are anywhere around... I'm all fairness I've never tried to fly with weed so i really have no idea what I'm talking about. Just curious.

  13. I always assumed they had both. Idk though. I've never taken weed or bombs into an airport...

  14. Yeah this is something people don't take into account the fact that he stopped doing harsh vocals. Manson didn't. And the drugs definitely liked Manson more than Trent.

  15. That was kinda my point, or one of them that I didn't make very clear I guess. Trent is older than Manson and (imo) putting on much better shows. I think that's definitely for the reasons you mentioned. Trent stuck with the long game and decided to kinda taylor his musical endeavors to fit where he was in that point in his life. Manson just went full force for so long that it caught up to him and obviously we saw the physical and mental effect that took on him. I think we're pretty much saying the same things in the end. Regardless, hopefully Manson is using this time to get healthy and channeling all this bullshit with ERW and company into his art. I think all the shit he's going through plus what we're hoping he's taking this time to do, could very well make for an amazing comeback album/tour. I will never stop listening to his music, hopefully that includes yet to be made albums, and will still always go see him if he's touring. I'm excited for him to get the chance to get his "good/evil" name back in court with the mountains of evidence he has against ERW and Gore etc. 100% i agree all the pieces are there for him. I just hope they all fall into place.

  16. I cast dimension door. You are free to walk whatever plain you choose buddy. 💚

  17. Thank you. Either I'm really high or that worked.

  18. You could be right. I'm going to go with it regardless! Enjoy the new piece!

  19. Fame eats another person that wasn't able to handle it?

  20. In all fairness to LaBeouf he's gotten his shit together and is really intelligent and introspective. His views on the whole Hollywood scene reminds me of things Chapelle has also said. Just sayin...

  21. This is what i happened across. I hadn't heard much about him since the whole wearing a bag on his head. When I saw this I was thinking he seemed like he was not as fucked up as i thought he was... My judgment isn't the greatest though. If you knew my ex's I'm sure you'd agree. Maybe that's why i thought he seemed like a decent person. I'm just used to falling for crazy people's nonsense.

  22. Other than a poor trim job it looks normal

  23. You never had the lovely Mexican brick weed before ? Lol

  24. Oh i miss the sound of a seed crackling under the flame of a lighter. The pounding headache that is promised after smoking. Those were the days...

  25. Ummm ya. You were supposed to take the seeds out! Lol good luck having children.

  26. If you were able to get through that time without the occasional seed finding its way into a bowl then i admire your attention to detail. Luckily i have zero desire to have children. Especially now. I actually hope I'm sterile so i wouldn't have to worry about it. Thanks for reminding me to get that checked out....

  27. Weird... I came to suggest this name! He must be a Bowser!

  28. Wo wo wo. Let's not blame marijuana. Everyone has a different reaction to cannabis. Medical marijuana has been one of the most helpful medications I've used. I could easily argue its saved my life if i wanted to write a novel long post here. I'm sorry it has added to your pre existing issues, but it's incredibly unfair and unsafe to tell others not to take their medication.

  29. He was referring to those who are "abusing" marijuana. I think that means anyone for whom marijuana makes your life and relationships unstable.

  30. I looked it at is referring to the use of it in general is "abuse". Reading it again I think i took it the wrong way. Hopefully they get the help they need.

  31. Tbf the picture is pretty crappy. I had it and it tasted just fine. No mold or anything.

  32. I will be sending you good vibes but if i were you, i would throw that away. Unless you 100% trust who made these or made them yourself and know what's in them. It's much better to toss them and still be alive to buy some edibles that you know are safe. Good luck. Be safe.

  33. No problem, I just started reading about it.

  34. Very true. I am going to listen to that podcast where she talks about it and hear what she has to say. I just hope that no one gets away with any kind of abuse or misconduct and no one is "canceled" if they didn't actually do anything wrong. It would be so much easier if people were just good to each other. I listen to too much true crime to think that is going to happen though. There's a lot of shitty people out there....

  35. He was fired from ER for sexual harassment after an investigation. So he's definitely done something problematic. He clearly hopes that discrediting one accusation will make everyone believe its all untrue so hes focusing on Jen's accusations. But she is far from the only one who has spoken out about him.

  36. That's really messed up. I hate people that do this shit. It's just gross. It shouldn't be hard to not sexually harass and assault women.

  37. that's gotta be a great relationship if ur willing to know each other's reddit accounts lol

  38. Ok, I'll play along and not talk about your list but can I use this opportunity to ask the people reading this thread a question?

  39. I love Cyclops. I remember being a kid and getting POAF on tape and Cyclops was always a song i looked forward to hearing. It's a good song. I guess that's subjective though.

  40. My first favourites from that album were Cyclops, My Monkey and Wrapped in Plastic. Funnily enough, I didn't see or hear about Twin Peaks until a decade later and I love that show now. I've even made a whole song out of the sample of Laura Palmer's scream that Manson used in the beginning of Wrapped in Plastic.

  41. That sounds really cool actually! You've also reminded me that I keep putting off watching the new Twin Peaks. I keep meaning to and then forget... POAF is one of those albums that I can't personally think of a song i don't like. Wrapped in Plastic, My Money, and Cyclops are all amazing. Thinking about it, yea, i love every song on that record...

  42. “Our girls” is such a weird statement to me…they don’t even know you exist.

  43. The more these super fans feel like A&A actually love them the more they will listen and buy subscriptions, merch, show tickets, etc. That's all it comes down to.

  44. Exactly. If these people want to be fans and give them their money that's their business. Many seem to be crossing the line from fan to fanatic though very quickly.

  45. Why would you want to do anything with racist Snoop Dogg. He hates white people. Look it up. He is the one that said that. I once thought he was great, but no longer have any respect for him.

  46. I've never seen anything like this. I have though seen him do a bunch of stuff with Martha Stewart who is like the whitest person ever though.

  47. Yeah it’s best not to think about how bad they are fucking us financially unfortunately. I get by ok with cresco wax from my sunnyside where it’s always 20% off but it’s still bad

  48. That's what I've done. I'll sign petitions and do what I can but until ohio goes fully rec this is how it's going to be. I just am happy I get my medicine and try not to think of how horribly broken the system is. It'll change though. Unfortunately it's going to take some time and new people in our state government to get things done. There's no way we're getting any help right now....

  49. I used to feel this way when smoking. Now i get medical marijuana because it helps so much. I just had to learn a little science and why some strains of Marijuana will throw me into a horrible panic attack and others will offer relief that i haven't gotten from any pharmaceutical medication. To each their own though. There's absolutely nothing wrong with not drinking and smoking.

  50. I'm just here to steal this idea thank you....

  51. Makes him instantly look like a pedo to me lmao

  52. Why don't they use a "This belongs to a pedophile" sticker?

  53. 🤣🤣🤣 Legit laugh out loud 🤣🤣🤣

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