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  1. si quema cuh la mamalona cuh that i bought is a v8 foo

  2. Necesitamos empezar un trend de memes sobre narco shaming a ver si así dejan de endiosar a esos weyes

  3. Igual y disfruta del olor a miados y contaminación.

  4. Que alguien le compre una caguama a este compa que se lo merece 👏

  5. No le entren al perico... van a quedar así 🤣

  6. Arcadia (basically pre Drop the Poptart)

  7. El dinero lo tienen los ricos, cuando ves a los gringos pobres al chile no le envidian nada a los mexicanos pobres jasjksjskja. EUA es un país tercermundista para los pobres, que son la gran parte de la población, pero no se por que hay tanto paisa enamorado del gabacho.

  8. Somos miserables porque queremos.... la triste realidad...

  9. doesnt matter just got off the phone with cjng ur so fucked

  10. Where are the anti aircraft guns when u need it 😪

  11. Vi uno descuartizado cuando tenia 11 años por una barranca :/

  12. I dont remember this magic school bus episode

  13. Disregarding all the human rights violations that would occur, it is not beneficial by any means. If the government started targeting the families of narcotics traffickers, it could lead to an insurgency. Many organizations have been around for decades. They have the money and arms to engage in prolonged kinetic conflict. 💀

  14. You think cartel mfs give a fuck about human rights? No. So fuck em... hit their house with a fucking tomahawk. Clear the house off the map. I think its justifiable and return the favor since they live off the blood of innocent people.

  15. And then I find out what your little sister's insides look like when mixed with your daughter's in a pot on crazyshit next week if they get lucky and don't record the rapes first. There is a reason no one will say what you said without the anonymity of a keyboard and monitor. You just decided to ignore the whole last part of the previous post reminding you how well funded and organized some of the cartels are and they could withstand a prolonged conflict. No one but an idiot would give the order to drop that tomahawk, all their know family and friends would probably closer resemble nerds ropes than humans by the end of the week.

  16. People will eventually get fed up. Yes they are WELL funded im am sure of that lol. I know what the human inside look like i've seen it with my own eyes. I still dream about the gore i've stumbled across walking back from school. Fear is 0. Thats the problem in mexico no one has balls no more. Mexico is fucked but im sure if the chess game is played right maybe the people of mexico can get help and ot doesnt necessarily have to be from the U.S 👀. Acouple of well armored divisions can wipe out the "powerfull" cartel. Remember what goes up eventually comes down.

  17. One rule that applies to everyone... Mind your business. You mind your business you'll be ok.

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