Words cannot express how much I love this TikTok of stacey abrams visiting Target.

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  1. Hell yea gotta use them for ship from store when the machine jams

  2. America was afraid of the revolution happening in Haiti. If anyone had major influence on Haiti before the revolution and after it would be France and the revolutionist. America did not want people having those same ideas of revolution—many of the colonizers (slave owners) did end up in America though. Haiti is very complex, but a great piece in history of how people revolted with liberty ideas. Much of what happened thereafter in Haiti involving America and others is an attempt at dealing with the complex issues that imperialism caused in the centuries before. As well as reversing much of the turmoil that the country placed itself in attempting to advance and thrive. I wouldn’t blame everything on America. A lot of problems we see are just many attempts at fixing what used to be norms. A lot of history on Haiti can be found in a books by David Geggus if you want to learn more.

  3. The small things like that which can help us get through the large bs experienced at work. I sometimes clown the ETLs through the walkie because others won’t. If an ETL leaves a SFS cart paused I say “ETL ___ why is cart SHPPP paused?” just to rub it in.

  4. Followed since the SPAC days and gotta agree that I don’t see how Astra brings themselves out of this hole. Optimism can only take you so far until you see the writing on the wall—they gotta survive first too before anything else.

  5. New update causing crashes I used it for about 15 minutes and crashed twice.

  6. Say the fucking FBI archives and COINTELPRO records.

  7. Historian here who hopes to shed light on COINTELPRO in the future! Currently researching Fred Hamptons assassination in Chicago and using FBI documents. There’s probably going to be equal craziness when FOILs get sent out for present times in the future.

  8. There it is! The inability to think at all

  9. They definitely can’t think straight. They said liberals go crazy when we don’t agree with them, but I’ve seen them go crazy this entire thread. Can’t make this shit up

  10. It’s weird you don’t have the fourth tab at the top for activation items. Do you not have target mobile or an electronics department?

  11. I think it only shows up when we’ve received an order. I also haven’t seen one (or the tab) recently but I know we do activations I remember being trained. It’s weird

  12. Nothing you could probably find some other stocks that show similar results

  13. In the US whiteness only exists as a concept to exclude other people and due to chatel slavery they needed an ironclad justification why they are superior to the slaves. So a religion of whiteness was born. Where of all hues, whiteness is inherently and obviously better than browness and tan. Initially white people were only Anglo-Saxons and nobody else. Other people were Irish and Italian, Hungarian, Greek, etc... but they certainly weren't white. But since whiteness was an incredibly important part of American culture, other groups aspired to become white and get to access to the full benefits of white society (hence the term white privilege)

  14. Speaking truths right there they coined the term because they wanted to separate themselves from minorities or black people. They wanted to make sure even poor white people could have more rights than people of color. It’s difficult to reverse much of this when a majority of history has been pushing the idea that whites are better.

  15. Which emulator do you use? I tried running breath of the wild on some emulator I found, can’t remember it anymore, but was excessively lagging.

  16. big fucking amount of iron in the inner core and outer core that also contain small amount of basic elements like oxygen. This creates cooling and crystallization of the core which stirs up that same fuck ton amount of iron creating powerful electric currents that stretch out into space. Also influences our protection from solar particles. Geology is cool :p

  17. Could always do a chrome delete if you want a more darker look.

  18. Seriously. I won't talk shit about that town, I loved it there, but of all of the things to worry about, people having a weed farmers market shouldn't be one of them.

  19. As someone who knows these underground scene it’s surprising they’re now just even doing anything about it. There really are secret weed farmers market with wax, bud, concentrates, and even plants/seeds themselves for you to grow. Understandably, it’s selling weed, but there’s dozens of growers/people doing nothing but sharing good stories, playing videos games, and smoking ofc. Here’s to hoping one day it’ll be okay to do that so we don’t have to go down so many sketchy secret areas lol.

  20. Hell why not? Fingers crossed 🤞

  21. Multi use buildings all the rage now. It also it looks like he hit the fire system which really sucks dammmmm

  22. Tell me about it! I love to see mixed used zoning of old architecture that was once abandoned. Even the newer amenities being spawned are nicely done, but I wouldn’t want to live in one I feel there’s less privacy with the foot traffic.

  23. There’s been a lot of litigation across the country since Sears folded about what Sears (or whatever company currently holding Sears real estate interests) can do with their empty retail stores. A lot of malls and commercial landlords gave extremely favorable terms to Sears forty years ago to attract them as anchor tenants, and even sold them real estate in malls subject to certain deed restrictions. It’s interesting to see it come to roost now when Sears is trying to wring the last pennies out of the corporate holdings and turn old stores into apartment buildings or into other commercial real estate

  24. Your last sentence has been very true in my surrounding malls. They’re starting to renovate them to be fancy strip malls with apartment buildings with modern amenities.

  25. Agreed. These next six months really will determine the company and what they can showcase. I’m all for positive vibes but they need to get their act together quick. It seems they may have pushed to go public a year too early, if this year is successful that is.

  26. High risk high reward was what I thought ASTR was and still is currently sad to see this happening, but we can only hope they turn it around or they hit the bucket

  27. Link here for those interested

  28. Play skyrim enough and you transcend into playing "modding skyrim"

  29. I feel very called out right now as I download more mods through Vortex and scroll Reddit

  30. I'm just glad it's finally on Spotify. Such a dope track. Probably one of my favorites from that era.

  31. Hell yeah! No longer have to be listening to this stuff on YouTube, I wonder who’s pushing for these releases every once in a while. This has been a slow trend from slim shady lp to this extended version—not complaining just never thought they’d be streamable!

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