1. Nice composition. Where was this taken?

  2. This is unprocessed too. Click on the photo, then zoom in.

  3. This is unprocessed. Click on the photo, then zoom in.

  4. You need a short t-ring and nosepiece to suit your camera. Add a 2x ED Barlow to reach focus. telescopeadaptors.com

  5. Thanks for your quick reply. Should I get a fixed or variable camera adapter?

  6. I have no idea what that is, I've told you what you need, a short t-ring, nosepiece and 2x Barlow.

  7. Thanks again. "Included in this kit: Our new premium VEPA Plus (Variable Eyepiece Projection Adapter), a 1.25" Prime Focus adapter..." Their other kit for Sony doesn't contain the variable adapter.

  8. What’s the explanation for it moving like that? I always wondered about this

  9. Doesn't it link directly? If not, how do I fix it?

  10. There is only one maritime academy in California. It's the only one on the West Coast, out of the seven US maritime academies.

  11. I visited the Kanstul store years ago before they shut down when I used to live in Anaheim. I bought a used Besson 609 by Kanstul almost 2-1/2 years ago, but I had my first trumpet lesson just yesterday :)

  12. I did it for 2-1/2 years, no regrets. Good luck.

  13. I know this is old. But did you ever sort out the problem? If so, what was it?

  14. Haha, actually no I haven't. We moved (out to the country where the skys are clear!!) but I haven't had a chance to get it out and set it up to see if it's still an issue. I was planning on joining a local astronomy group to see if anyone could help out, but with covid and all that stuff, things were kinda put on hold.

  15. Where do you live now? I've lived in many states and in a few countries. I've found that there are astronomy clubs in all the places I've lived or visited here in the States. I've seen older posts than 2 years old. Hopefully they won't archive this one for a while. I read that this is a common problem with new telescopes and/or astronomers. Good luck 🍀.

  16. [EDITED to better answer OP's question] I'm a Marine with over 22 years of service. I did my first security contract with Blackwater in 2005-06. My last federal contract was in Afghanistan in 2015. I've worked security on and off in California since 2016. I'd say that 50% or more of the security officers I've personally met here in the States, and around 90% overseas, are vets.

  17. I worked 16s at security jobs before, but not everyday. (Being active duty military was a different story, but that's to be expected.) Which company is this? And where?

  18. Where are you located? When I used to work part-time for a company that protects (I.e. armed) a national U.S. cinema chain, it was almost always on weekends only. Sometimes they asked me to work weeknights on opening nights of big movies . Those shifts were sometimes 10 hours or longer.

  19. Haha wow this has been awhile. So, I looked into what it would take to either make or to order a fitted. Knowing my poor arts and crafts skills, I decided against doing that. Ordering one that would properly fit a three trust 6 inch scope was also quite difficult.

  20. I'm glad that you didn't do it, for your own safety. Did go read the Spanish article in the comment before mine?

  21. I honestly haven't even considered getting them for my binos. I definitely want to get eclipse glasses as I always miss out on having those. I will be looking into getting a larger dob (10 inch or above) when I get a bigger place to live and have some money available. At that point I might consider getting the right filters for solar viewing.

  22. Please read that article first though. Good luck.

  23. I don’t have an exposed permit. I work @ a gun store so it’s not required.

  24. Did you read my question and first comment?

  25. You're the [email protected]$$ who doesn't have any reading comprehension. Stop wasting my time, learn reading comprehension, and grow up.

  26. Totally a month late but as my husband is a veteran I was wondering if you'd share what the discount is? We have foster kids we would like to take but $$ sometimes suck.

  27. [EDITED to add website] Sometimes during the year, SeaWorld gives up to 4 free tickets to each veteran, usually starting before Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July weekend, and Veterans Day. All you have to do is sign up on their website and provide proof of service.

  28. You would encounter penguins in Antarctica, not polar bears.

  29. Good luck. Which brand of boots is it?

  30. [EDITED] Lowa is my favorite brand for hiking. I'm wearing a pair right now. I know that Lowa has a repair shop in Europe. I'll be sending my Lowas there when it's time to replace the soles. If you can't repair it, I'm sure they can.

  31. Does your professor REQUIRE a graphing calculator for your class? If not, why spend all that money? Just buy a cheap scientific calculator. And if you want to see graphs for your own benefit, use a free smart phone graphing app like HP Prime Lite (emulates the HP Prime calculator on your phone) or Desmos. Or use Wolfram Alpha on a web browser.

  32. Well I need one for my class and exams, and I can’t use an app on my phone because if teachers see a phone they instantly think that you cheat, even if you explain it’s just the calculator app, I already own a normal calculator but my teacher said that that wasn’t good enough.

  33. Then you'll need to spend your money. Good luck. Let us know which one you choose.

  34. I’m just not familiar with that. Every recycling place I’ve been to requires the title of the vehicle when selling a cat.

  35. '... patrol officers spotted a white Mercedes-Benz SUV without headlights on in the area of Bayshore Boulevard and Thornhill Drive.

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