1. That would be the minimum unfortunately. I can see Mets, Padres and Dodgers throwing out more than that. So we have to win win win, no matter what.

  2. This could even be Shohei's last WBC. Supposedly he joined this time along with Darvish because Kuriyama was their old coach with Nippon Ham. It would be wise for Japan to bring back Kuriyama the next time to run it back.

  3. I have hope. But we also have to be realistic here. Idk if Arte will keep him.

  4. Signs Ohtani 10/$1 Billi, then sells Angels for $4 Billion. Sounds cool, right?

  5. Arte already gave the largest contract in american histroy, he will do it again. He knows the value of Ohtani. Ohtani has made great friends in the angels players, im not sure he will want to start over somewhere else

  6. No doubt and if winning matters, I hope the Mets, Dodgers and Padres all have worse records than us. Screw all of them this season!(Dodgers every season) lol

  7. Ohtani is perfect. Literally nothing to change. He IS baseball and embodies everything great about it

  8. Not Ichiro, Seiya Suzuki who couldn't make it.

  9. Man, should have finished the video after the at bat. I wanted to see if he got the dude home lol

  10. I am in Japan and wish they had games here in Osaka instead of always doing them in Tokyo. Not everybody can easily make the trip to crowded and expensive Tokyo. If the U.S. can host them in different cities, so can Japan.

  11. Philippines had a team 4 years ago that couldn't qualify, right? I remembered seeing a cap in the WBC store then.

  12. Actually watched The Forever Purge last night. I liked it.

  13. Let's say both Quero and O'Hoppe pan out within a couple of years, do the Angels keep both or trade one?

  14. I'd say if both are surefire stars, maybe one could platoon at 1B depending on how Walsh is playing at that time. A lot of catchers play 1B and both have the height to do it.

  15. My thoughts exactly. I hope this is a sign of things to come. We need to play with more urgency.

  16. Saw a segment of the show he has on PBS which one resident put Fauci in his place and Fauci left with his tail between his legs. I was surprised it wasn't cut from the show.

  17. Gerardo Reyes pitched a good innning and Benji Gil took Mexico far. Love it!

  18. Here in Japan, 99.99% of people back in because they are taught it. If I park forward then try to leave, people are oblivious to me trying to back out.

  19. You got the unpopular opinion right here no doubt. Most of us our cheapskates and want cheap shit traveling to Latin America, Asia oe Africa.

  20. That's why I always ask if they've been diagnosed with any mental disorders right from the start.

  21. Yep, for me, I say bye bye to bi-polar chicks. Been there, done that.

  22. and gotta stick with the original flavor. The new flavors they got coming out suck. I had cotton candy Peeps yesterday and it tasted like soap.

  23. Total shite write up based on projected 2023 injuries and “a lack of marquee free agents” are you serious lol

  24. Then we sign marquee free agents and this guy criticizes Angels for doing so because we lack depth. I don't usually expect much from writers on the outside looking in.

  25. Remembered buying a bootleg cassette of this at a swap meet in L.A. I learned a lot about sex from this album as an elementary kid lol

  26. That's what I figured. Japan broadcast didn't show shit but players reactions.

  27. He is well aware what everyone in this sub thinks.

  28. The plan from the very beginning was to redshirt him. They mostly stuck to plan

  29. That's right, they wanted to redshirt him but not put him on the practice squad to avoid other teams from picking him up.

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