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  1. The level of detail is astounding, excellent work as always

  2. So the dancer is our boy Gary? boy you are killing me, i give you the highest award i got, SAVE.

  3. The auto-moderator deletes the photo, but here is a link to this character. "Her name was Gloria the Pocket Whore." Thanks for the high rating))

  4. I've been in this for too long when I can tell apart the people in this highly regarded drawings.

  5. https://loopexchange.art/collection/dirtysanta/item/0x9d9d1e2669333be09c88387a1b87d1499b6dbb7ab7a38ef2f1b43702f150f6b6

  6. https://loopexchange.art/collection/dirtysanta/item/0x5fca7718d6c4e82793986db308a1d4b00b951c0854825763d77059001687476e

  7. She is pretty cool if you know how to talk to her.

  8. I'm sure all of Kenny's bots are against her. None of the real Apes will be able to say anything against her)

  9. haha this is awesome! keep it up dude.

  10. It's a new collection rn. XoXo is building up quick :) check us out in our discord

  11. She's hella on our side but what's crazy is I can't picture her perfectly when I look at this apes haircut and earrings!

  12. Keep it up, there are many methods and custodians now, and I have traditional and Roth, as well as an LLC all through Mainstar.

  13. Thanks for the feedback) Sometimes I felt like a shill)) But it was worth it to draw attention to the most important issue. There are many treasures in the retirement piggy bank #DRSIRA

  14. Using artistic mediums, we want to create things that will spark conversation, community, and clarity on the unbelievable events over the last 2 years. MSM and FUD have been very effective at keeping this story from making it to the public square. Through art, our message will permeate to the masses โ€“ brick by brickโ€ฆ.

  15. What's up with you guys today? Could you let me know why you deleted my meme? EVERYONE UNDERSTOOD THE ATTITUDE TOWARD GME!

  16. I just woke up and I don't know why it was removed. Reach out via modmail, I'm currently busy handling the brigading post that pinned to the top.

  17. There is a DFV one! How did I miss that

  18. i almost spit out my coffee looking at my wallet! you the man thank you so much, i really do love your work. will add this to my zen apes folder in the wallet :)

  19. Ahaha)) Thanks bro)) I'm glad that I have a separate place in your wallet)))

  20. Awesome to see, that a collection made from talent and a deeper meaning is on the top list and not another random 8bit profil pic collection!

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