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  1. This final episode was scraping the big barrel of cop outs. What a disappointment. References throughout were so on the nose, just an inch below the surface, and then it was all on a big space ship, because of course - it’s the biggest concept the writers could think of, so let’s do that. The writers need to read more philosophy.

  2. The opening scene of ep 1 was awful. Really badly directed. And it’s hard to get past the general American bullshit which is laid on even thicker in S3. Resurrecting the old enemy, a secret bomb and a hidden cabal is lazy. It’s mindless and nearly unwatchable. And JK doesn’t posses nearly enough charisma to wear lace up shoes with no socks.

  3. “Spills easier in turns”. Can people in America eat when they’re NOT driving, maybe? Like, stop for lunch somewhere. Or fix up something to eat that doesn’t involve being a fucking idiot.

  4. Lol - immigrants playing football and drinking coffee. The bastards!

  5. Voting on the thing before the thing and then meeting to discuss the other thing before kicking it into the long grass. Wake me up when I’m dead.

  6. He lost me when he called the rescue diver a pedo for rejecting his impractical cave rescue plan

  7. Yeah right. I couldn’t understand why that wasn’t the dealbreaker for more people.

  8. Can someone explain to me why everyone already hates this movie?

  9. Because the first one was abysmal, and this one boasts of needing $2 billion to break even.

  10. Fuck that musk prick. He’s a fucking disease, so it’s the safest thing for the planet that we track and trace his every move.

  11. What a good reminder - Saint Fauci and The Vaccines saved millions of American lives. (Hang on, is that the name of my new band?)

  12. Billionaires and energy companies I agree with, I don't agree that it's a proxy war, and I believe the office of monarch has potential, though I have no feelings either way for whose sitting in it at this current time

  13. Sorry, fella. The war in Ukraine is a proxy the Americans have been pushing for years. Consider Victoria Nuland’s role, John Pilger’s warnings, the reporting of Chris Hedges and Medea Benjamin…

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