1. Drones can't set bones and apply splints yet. They can't administer epinephrine either. Same with AEDs. Lots of reasons to need a human for the time being.

  2. Except these can't carry that equipment to the site.

  3. If they can carry a couple hundred pound person they can carry 15lbs of medical supplies.

  4. No, like the angry metal dude from that I'll be Back to the Future movie.

  5. The small ball of fire is a nice touch.

  6. It wasn't until 1945 all the states and territories started calling it Australia Day and only in 1994 it became a public holiday across the country.

  7. 1994 is when they fixed the public holiday nationally to the date rather than adding it to a Friday or Monday if it landed on the weekend.

  8. How much is FlexJet per month if I want literal 24x7 availability for wheels up on one hours notice anywhere in the continental United States?

  9. You don't get that even with your own private jet. For stuff like NetJets, the best you can get is 24 hours' notice.

  10. It varies wildly. I was originally going to put $150k, but didn't want to deal with the posts calling that out as being too high. Both 100 & 150 are within the right ballpark.

  11. cartels gonna cartel. Some of these planes are stolen, some are bought cheap at auctions, they tend not to get maintained, just abused until busted or ditched.

  12. PSA: Never buy a plane at a DEA auction.

  13. Yep it’s everything including handbags. Have seen a few people caught out by this.

  14. LOL - it's not a bug, it's a feature... :/

  15. Yeah, the trick is to make sure you head for the right concourse. IIRC, concourse B is the big one. The lounges in A & C are OK, but nothing like the sheer scale of the main one.

  16. Its just a stuck starter relay. Just startling really. It's a good argument for not standing in the prop arc.

  17. Could I please bother you to explain like I’m five? (difficulty: biologist who lurks because this is an interesting sub)

  18. The switch he's flipping is the battery master switch, like turning the key in your car to the first notch - it turns the electrical system on at the most basic level. Normally nothing else should happen (apart from in this case some avionics coming on.)

  19. I seem to remember afterwards he was an instructor in the german air force until he eventually retired after instructing on the F-104G

  20. Taught to fly gliders by his mother, winding up as an instructor himself at age 14.

  21. I don't know how it relates to business, but one surprising thing about German personal defamation laws is that truth is not necessarily a defense, the way it is in a lot of other countries.

  22. The signals they give to men to show they like them or are interested, they are confusing and most of the time can not be noticed or even interpreted as signals

  23. My state in Australia recently introduced affirmative consent laws.

  24. You guys are getting matches?

  25. My hubby and I have showered together our entire 20+ year marriage... Sometimes it's sexy time followed by cleaning, otherwise it's straight cleaning. It's just a bonding time everyday for the 2 of us. We joke around, talk about our days, and just have fun.

  26. This sounds like going to a European sauna with friends.

  27. Another problem that can be reduced or solved entirely with the dual showerhead setup. Install one showerhead that is the handheld detachable kind with a hose, and one that is connected directly to the pipe from the wall. The water loses a surprising amount of heat as it travels down the hose, so the giant baby partner who prefers cooler temps can have that showerhead, and the lava demon partner who likes hotter water can have the boiling water directly out of the wall. It’s three parts from the hardware store (handheld showerhead, 3 way diverter valve -not a 2 way!- and a little suction cup holder for the handheld showerhead) and can be installed in under 20 minutes in most cases.

  28. If I installed a handheld showerhead, there's no way my girlfriend would want me in there ever again.

  29. Dude needs some damn chapstick.or something... non stop lip licking was so distracting.

  30. God damn you for pointing that out.

  31. Clicking through the documentary, it seems like a lot of his "unique" things are only unique because they're completely unnecessary.

  32. I want to know why those loaders don't exist in real life.

  33. Yeah but it'd just go missing...

  34. From a corporate point of view, you just take the L.

  35. Ah, my favourite reg in the book.

  36. One of the most ignored regs in history.

  37. Right ok. So why didn't the government just pay it off? It's a road like any other.

  38. Because it's a licence to print money.

  39. It's still such a baffling concept. Why have a toll of you're giving people the money back? Was the cashback introduced as an in between measure because they couldn't quite just declare the toll to be over? Wasn't it supposed to be paid off by some date like 2014 or whatever and be toll free from then on?

  40. It was Bob Carr in 1995 who campaigned on eliminating the M5 toll. He was elected and people held him to it. The toll companies pointed out they had a contract, so Carr tried to shrug it off, but the electorate called him on it.

  41. Fun fact: The Kursk sank in water shallower than its own length.

  42. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yugoslav_Wars

  43. It’s incredibly beautiful, but it felt like two different houses once I got to the living room with fireplace.

  44. Welcome to all Australian renovations.

  45. I’m hoping someone can help. My wife thinks wooden kitchens are just a fad and will become outdated in a couple of years. I think a quality wooden kitchen, well made and with an accent of something contemporary will be timeless. Can anyone throw some weight behind my argument? Otherwise I’m destined for a white gloss future.

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