1. Ritsuka putting their head on U-Olga's shoulder raising left hand: "always has been...."

  2. Geats: Wait a minute…look through this world files May I have Koyanskaya of light please? I think she and I worked better togheter.

  3. Tammamo no mae: dramatic gasp "How cursed am I to have such a cruel master to reject me for that rabbit imposter!" I doubt ace would say something like that.

  4. It's one world, no one in the fate world got sent to a rider world. It's like the fate/rider crossover fic where a rider or their story elements are added in the 5th grail war but instead its holy grail war elements added in a rider story

  5. How would the servants even react to their record of ragnarok selves

  6. Well, if you read the manga he is Jack the Ripper with his own backstory, personality and power.

  7. Another record of ragnarok side story came out and it shows that the jack the ripper in the tournament is just an anonymous english man using that name as an alias and he killed the real one in his time

  8. What is her relationship with the dark kids?

  9. Are there even kids of koyanskayan of dark? Genuine question

  10. Oh... Right, must have mistaken them for lights kids. woops

  11. I have been summoned. Wonder how they would deal with all the regular shit that happens in Ryuki's World

  12. Like how does servant power interact with rider power

  13. A black dragon roars from an unknown location but is still heard

  14. Could u give a personality overview of the fankids like the others

  15. Rorona: The eldest child, responsible, straightforward, mature, stubborn to a fault, tries to keeps her younger siblings out of trouble

  16. This is sufficient enough, no need to stress for a full summary

  17. How many more until your satisfied

  18. Happening to me as well rebooted the console and everything wtf is happening

  19. Literally worse than what Tartar tried to do in the Octo Expansion

  20. More worse than just taking the game way too seriously

  21. The Boostriker’s had some of the most amount of bike screen time in the first 12 episodes compared to the rest of Reiwa, though.

  22. Thats because of cgi and the fact that toei barely modified the original bike

  23. My en rules were Starter Skip dumb lechonk tutorial. 1 encounter in an area until the area's center is reached then get a plus 1. 1 raid encounter per badge

  24. Why would i love someone that would bend my knees up my ass at the drop of a pin



  27. I remember liking the Yanderesh Sprite Comics from a few years back. But those have seemingly been taken down.

  28. The account that posted yanderesh is deleted you can still search for the comics on the sub tho

  29. Why is he sweating so much inside? Is it that hot? LOL

  30. I wanna throw up every time i remember watching that cursed season/era

  31. Another part of the current Arc, steadily getting back into working on these a bit more.

  32. Bet metal has the unaimable chest laser from the archie comics

  33. Would Mecha Sonic be a Caster becouse he a robot, Alter Ego similar to Mecha Eli, or Pretender become he was design to copy all of sonic moves?

  34. Avenger infinite with beast potential cause phantom ruby shenanigans

  35. And then tails shows them satellite pics of the intergalactic amusement park before sonic destroyed it

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