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When you come across a feel-good thing.

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  1. Bro why you buy it then check the date at the store

  2. Try and refresh it with a orange peel. Was it at least discounted? You should go to about wellness in Lebanon. Products always fresh from klutch there

  3. I did put a pack in there bit don't think it's gonna help it anymore. Sadly it wasn't discounted. Was still 40 bucks. Yeah I agree I like about wellness way more but just a longer drive for me.

  4. You can ask for the packaging date when you pick it up.

  5. Email them I bet they refund you. I had one leak from klutch and they sent me a gift card for pod and battery cause it leaked in my battery

  6. OCL half’s always have nice sized buds

  7. Agree, what strain is it? My Woodward 2/10 has bug buds but everything else is small and they don’t even say small until I’m checking out

  8. No specific strain, just seems like everyone who is selling halfs they are always smalls and never nice nugs. And yeah I agree if it is smalls they all need to label it exactly that on there menu

  9. I had talked to the growers, they told me the reason the phenohunts had seeds was because the cameras they have to have on the plants were infrared and caused the plants to shock. But now some things changed and should be up from here on out. Great guys. Also the only Cryo cure they done was on the Knockout runtz.

  10. A lot of growers have cameras with IR. That doesn't seem to make much sense. I can't imagine the IR from a camera being powerful enough to affect a plants light cycle

  11. I dunno, that's what they was telling me, and he showed me the pics from the cameras with the light on them

  12. Which one did you get? I seen phebohunt 3 and 4. But they both have lower thc levels. Im curious but idk what terp profile it is

  13. How’s the seed count ? I’m eyeing this product but iffy because of the seed issue!

  14. I found 6 seeds, it's really good other than that taste is great and effects are really good

  15. Maybe you like body highs? I use it for medicinal purposes not to get high.

  16. I use for medicinal purposes as well, labeled as an indica dominant, guess i was expecting more . Or my batch just wasn't great, smell wasn't strong neither was taste to me. But hey every strain effects everyone different.

  17. This batch of gelato didn't burn right, and the batch fatso I got had a lot of seeds smh

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