1. As a man when I was 19 I dated two women 24-26 years old back in 1980 it was a big deal for my family. Even though I was the pursuer of those two. My fist wife was a year younger. My #2 and 3 are both 10.5 years younger than me. I'm 61 now. My last GF before #3 was 20 years younger. So I'm all over the map on this one too.

  2. My sister wouldn't go to prom in 1977 with a guy a year younger than her. She felt "weird" .. haha

  3. Have you tried a lot of strains in our program? If so care to share any couch lock .. killer indica strains??! Would this be one of those..?..Thanks alot in advance

  4. Sure I have tried a lot over the last 3 years. That being said I have a higher tolerance and don't get too couch locked. I like the Klutch Indicas motorbreath, jealousy, I like all the Dosidoes my favorite Indica now is Problem Child by Farkas Farms. Supreme Diesel by them a great hybrid.

  5. Nice.. good selections. Problem child has actually been my favorite for a while now. Then its Josh d og and bighead from klutch.. and super glu from verano. I need to try this and dosidos

  6. I also recently tried Duel OG from Galenas. It's a hard hitting indica leaning hybrid. Great genetics it kicks me back during the day.

  7. Weird question but do these jars have a seal on them under the lid?

  8. I know exactly which batch of astrial destiny your talking about because that was the last time I’ve really been able to find it there was one other time I found it and it wasn’t as good but the first time was absolutely amazing euphoric no bulshit

  9. I recently purchased some Motorbreath in Canada from a little grey market dispensary I’ve been using since before legalization. I continue to order from them on the other side of the country, because in 2013, when just about every aspect of their business was highly illegal, they set the standard for accurately labeled, high-quality cannabis products that are, to this day, better than what corporate cannabis is selling at government-sponsored dispensaries up here.

  10. I got some of this a month ago from Herbology Newark. Their website showed it in a Josh D jar but when I got I picked it up it came in a Klutch Select jar. Is it all the same bud in different packaging or is their a difference between the 2? Either way, straight 🔥.

  11. I know Josh D is affiliated with Klutch. Read through some of the motorbreath replies. One of the replies explains the Josh D story.

  12. I enjoyed it when I got it nice OG right there

  13. Very relaxed and uplifted at the same same. I like that the effects last for a while. I've been know to get munchies from this strain.

  14. Terp city. I see why it's $600 an ounce 🤣😭

  15. No more Facebook or Twitter for me. I just use one reddit forum and post pictures to Snapchat with my kids in cali

  16. I personally really like Birdsong, they had a new drop a month or so ago, and I really like the Raspberry Parfait and Tangie I got from them. Not too many places do living soil and they have great genetics in their flower, which is one reason why I'm attracted to their stuff too. Some of my faves from them are Sour Kush, TriFi, Head Change, Toasted Lemons and Break Check as well. ✌️❤️🌳😎

  17. Ok my review wow! I was just pleasantly surprised by this strain. I dry vaped in my desktop Arizer XQ2 . I just went for it at 392F , I usually start lower to enjoy the terps. It's definitely a 5 minute warm up time but worth the wait. I run the whip through my bong and was just blowing clouds and coughing. That's a first for me at 392. The terps on the first have dozen his and flavor is money. I bumped to 404, 415, 428. I was so medicated I really didn't need to see 415 little own 428. All of this on a heaping 1\4 tsp. No lie 4 people could have been comfortably medicated on this small amount of very quality herb. I'm uplifted, care free and now we'll see how long it last. I next plan to combust. It was pricey at the Cleveland Botonist for 44 dollars however I'm pleasantly pleased with the purchase and recommend this batch 3/22 harvest packed 4/18

  18. Yea I'm the same. Always looking to try something new. Just bought some Hemma the other day that also gets shit on by a lot of people. I thought it was pretty good myself so I try not to take too seriously the negative feedback on things I haven't tried myself.

  19. I had a Hemma Northern Lights with Haze a few years ago . I thought it was spot on. It hits everyone differently. That's why it's hard to dose THC

  20. Ok I just had an excellent dry vape session with Arizer Argo. I started today low 346F° great flavor gas and some earth light pine. I took this in increments to 428F. I really felt the effects right away. I was uplifted with a calming slightly cloudy Haze. I feel great going to the gym with the wife. I can't wait to smoke it and volcano. I would recommend this strain. Like I said it's hit and miss with Pure Ohio. This so far is a hit except for some tiny nugs.

  21. I haven't tried it yet. I'm usually not a big fan of Pure Ohio but this looks good n frosty. Comes in at 34.9 THC

  22. I picked up some Pineapple a week ago from Supply, opened it up just a few days ago. Was so impressed with it, I ordered another 17g of it immediately. Myrcene and Limonene top terps.. My faves!!

  23. I noticed the Pineapple strains give me serious munchies. If it's not nailed down I'm eating it. 🤪

  24. Their bud always looks as average as possible to me. I didn’t find anything I liked from them when I was trying different companies a few months back. Have they gotten better?

  25. I agree with you this is my first Buckeye buy in probably a year. I find them very average at best. I got the Death Star, Animal Fire and Outer Space. I was most disappointed in the Animal Fire. The Outer Space is one of my favorite daytime strains so I enjoyed that. My other go to from them is Super Sour Orange for potency. The Lemon Dosidos have good flavor and effect. All that being said I will use them sparingly.

  26. How is the moisture? When you squeeze it, is it Soft and spongy? Or hard and cracks?

  27. One of my absolute favorite strains. Love the taste, and how it lingers on the tongue.

  28. What’s your guy’s opinion on Rollins? Originally it’s actually the very first thing I purchased but that was almost a year ago haha.

  29. I like it for a daytime strain. I can still go about my day without couch lock issues.

  30. I'm not claiming they are, but they kinda resemble seed divots. Most definitely not stem holes.

  31. Random question and I’m only asking because it sparks my interest…

  32. No I took both pictures with my Samsung. It was a sunlight issue with the second shot. The first picture is how it actually looks color wise.

  33. Yeah I know both are taken with your phone…but if you look at the full first photo, the borders at the top and the bottom. It looks like you were looking at the photo you just took and instead of uploading the picture, you took a screen capture of the photo and uploaddd that. It was 12:21 your battery is at 37%, alarm is set, your phone was set to vibrate, and the couple pictures of a book before you took the Woodward pics. And then the android system options for phtotos like favorite, delete, send, more options and so on. That’s what I was talking about. It just looks like you screen captured a photo you had just taken a picture of.

  34. O yeah I see . I forgot to trim it . I usually blow-up and screen shot my pics. I was probably stoned haha.

  35. This has always been a favorite of mine, it's also known as Animal Cookies. Great lemony funk strain, therefore it's right up my alley. The prices I've seen lately for it are a bit high, so I'm waiting for a good sale near me. The Headband I had was good... and their Lemon Tree is usually around 15%, but it is oh so tasty 🤤✌️❤️🌳😎

  36. Yes I agree I've had some very tasty strains that have been on the lower THC side.

  37. How is that company always debated on trying just wasn’t sure if was dry or any good

  38. I go to them for sales I think they're a little hit and miss. I picked up three strains the cure wasn't too dry. I like the Outer Space strain the best by them.

  39. This is one of my favorite daytime strains. The effects are just like it's name. It's uplifting, euphoric and just a pleasant sativa without the paranoia. It's also one of my favorites as a vape cartridge too.

  40. I just picked up some Josh D yesterday. I agree I was a little disappointed in the small buds. They were dense and had a nice yield. The flavor is outstanding I used this in my Arizer XQ2. The effects were very pleasurable and uplifting. This is a very consistent product and worth getting whenever available.

  41. I like the Tally Mon strain. I'd put Firelands as middle of the road. I only buy their stuff on sale. I've had issues with a lot of dry weed in ohio. Maybe because it's only supposed to be "dry vaped" in ohio .

  42. This is really a nice strain. The aroma really comes out when you grind it. I smell a little citrus, pine, gas. It's difficult to grind a little on the moist side. I did a wake n bake with my Arizer extreme XQ2 . I'm out there, it feels great very talkative, happy day.

  43. Some of Ohio’s best. When I first bought this months ago it was just an on the fly choice.You know how that can go... Got home,and was floored at how good it was. I told my wife “OMG this is soooo gooood”,and she would say “I know, you’ve told me this six times”. I was just super jazzed a blind choice turned out so good for a change.

  44. I noticed this doesn't have a lot on the smell side. The flavor and effects are on. I'll have a better assessment on a fresh day. Allbud list this as a rare sativa hybrid. I splurged I usually only buy Woodward on sale,which isn't often.

  45. Google Michigan dispensarys. Urb in Monroe, Green provision, luna pier. Lume , Petersburg. Alot more to choose from.

  46. I grabbed some more Problem Child because I was in love with the 1/10th I got a week ago. Picked up 1/2 ounce in tenths. It’s a cheesy hard hitting strain with lots of flavor and cured very well. Smells great, tastes great and hits hard.

  47. Thanks for update on Problem Child, Rainbow Chip and Supreme Diesel. All three favorites of mine but I too was disappointed in the miss on Rainbow Chip. I don't expect misses paying 46-50 bucks. I'm also disappointed in the 420 sales around ohio dispensaries. 25%off best I've seen. Therefore nothing special about today I guess.

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