1. the point of telling a story about someone with a chronic illness is that it is something that doesn't get better and millions of people have to adjust their lives .. Bruce Greenwood saved the finale, imo .... he is essential to this show

  2. I guess it doesn't matter much anyway since I've read if there is a season 7 he will not be back full time.

  3. It wouldn’t be any different than this past season, he was only on board for part time here too. But I would hope if there’s a next season they can sprinkle the scenes out better and not pluck him from multiple episodes during a big story then back

  4. IDK, probably would be difficult to do, since it's filmed in Atlanta. I believe?) Would take some strategic planning. I'm not sure where he's filming his other show....

  5. One thing I dislike is that they’ve basically turned Bell into Mr. Rogers. Kit as well.

  6. Yes, they have changed. I do like the earlier seasons more with them. Plus there is not enough Kit in KitBell.

  7. I do agree. I think there are times when she even shows her attraction at times like in Daphne Hates Sherry. There was always something there between them. But when she finds out it only confirms it and makes her think there is actually a possibility it could happen.

  8. Lots of people seem to only like Daphne when she is compliant and subservient. It’s a gross take and they are telling on themselves. 👀

  9. Good point. People say she was cranky but Niles lied to her multiple times. I personally would have been angrier than she had been if my husband was always lying to me and sneaked behind my back.

  10. i agree so hard! it’s so disheartening see people talk about how much they dislike her being snippy and prefer her in her introduction - what, you mean when she’s freshly hired into a new role and is trying to make a good impression/be a good employee?

  11. When Martin asks Daphne and Niles why they aren't on their honeymoon and opens the door for them.

  12. I think the drama adds to it. It leads to a wonderful denouement!

  13. I agree but if you think about it, someone wouldn't be yelling like that if someone only went to the bathroom. Why would they think he had a gun?

  14. I don't understand why all the women's looks have to be compared. This is a beautiful post honoring Jane Leeves. Leave it at that (Gee Why do our children have such problems obsessing about their looks? Oh, I get it)

  15. I definitely vote for more Bell if the show does get renewed. It would be interesting to see more of him as a patient and as a teacher of incoming doctors versus being the surgeon he's known for.

  16. I believe the actor will not be back full-time. He has other projects he wants to pursue

  17. How is there a Daphne and no Niles? If they divorce the whole series with them getting together just seems sad imho 😢

  18. Wow the hate for Daphne is palpable in these comments. I gotta say, I never had a problem with her throughout the show at all.

  19. Yeah, I've been avoiding Frasier lately because of posts like these. At this point, all I hear is Blah, Blah, Blah.....Be nice if a person had a thought of their own

  20. I think Daphne is NOT psychic! That's a thought of my own! I loved the character of Daphne. But even Jane Leeves said she wouldn't be friends with her in real life!!

  21. There is an early episode where Daphne enters the apartment when Roz is already there with Frasier and says a line & slightly messes up but not enough for it to ruin the scene - she then walks from the front door past Martin in his chair to the kitchen but the scene continues with Frasier & Roz talking behind the couch by the fire-place - so as a viewer your attention goes there, but as Jane Leeves walks she pulls a face and kind of acknowledges to John Mahoney that she screwed up - I think Jane Leeves thought she had walked out of shot (I guess she thought the camera pulled in towards the fireplace) but it’s on camera and left in the show.

  22. Yes! After searching I found it. It’s Dr.Nora - at 15 mins or so Daphne enters with Roz into the apartment - she says something about bumping into Roz in the elevator but messes it up a bit - keep looking at Jane Leeves and you will see her pull a face breaking character.

  23. One of the best scenes. Love when Daphne raises her fists like she's about to duke it out.

  24. I haven’t seen her anywhere else other than Frasier and this show so it’d be interesting to see if she’s likeable in other roles she plays

  25. She was very good on her part for Modern Family as Claire and Mitch's mother. She was a wacko and played it well

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