1. NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER will there be botanical crap in a BE product.

  2. I’m aware. I was hoping he didn’t make the mistake in buying one

  3. BR live resin are under $60, and klutch luster pods are $55 for .84 usually, everything I’ve heard about firelands is that the terpenes are weak.

  4. Butterfly effect and klutch are the best pods in the program besides the riveria creek rosin pods

  5. Got mine thru a online telemed call , the call lasted 2 minutes and I had my card emailed 2 hours later. I went thru

  6. The original glue is amazing if it’s available 🔥 only thing I’ll get from surterra is the LR carts and the Larry 🔥

  7. Firelands, klutch burns rather fast but they are the best in my opinion

  8. Orange kush cake by firelands is fire picked up today. Stay away from botanical terpene pods 🤮

  9. Can you let us know when it’s finished and if it made it through the whole thing, assuming you remember haha

  10. Will do 😂😂. I did see posts about ancient roots blinking with oil still in them. Hopefully that’s not the case with these 🙏

  11. Best disposable out. Had one a couple days ago. Try the lighthouse sciences diamond all in ones 🔥🔥🔥 got one today

  12. Cake crasher from harvest 🔥🔥🔥

  13. Had mine in 3 minutes over the phone. And sense u “have ptsd” you’ll definitely get it.

  14. I got a seed of tiger mintz by Tyson

  15. Use Ohio Cannabis Connection. They are the best.

  16. I vouch for this , scheduled my appointment today and I already have my card

  17. I got a 3 year old pod from exclusive not too long ago 🤯 literally made in 2019

  18. I feel like it’s only right to be high working at a dispo

  19. The funny thing is that I worked at Exclusive last summer (2021) and I can confirm there was not any product that old sitting out at that time.

  20. Of course me saying “I’m not lying” won’t do anything but i have the receipt in my hands lol. I walked in to this place with my own 2 feet , and I think I can recall buddy giving me the percentage which is right under the 2019 lmaoo

  21. Ha! Yeah the first thing I was asked was “does it work” 🤣🤯

  22. I bought 2 pre rolls. First one was perfect air flow burned all the way to the filter and no runs or re lighting. Second one it barely hit til like half way though. Weed was clogged in the filter. Definitely wouldn’t buy again I’d rather roll my own that hit

  23. hey dude Michigan resident here, just want you to be informed about our pricing. it's about 4 or 5 /100 full gram carts. wax is around the same price point, and honestly our bud is pretty dry but it's also cheap too. 10% mj tax and 6% sales tax. I'm not sure where you're located but it might be worth the drive to stock up a few months at once

  24. I just went dispo hopping in Detroit, Ann Arbor a couple days ago . Every dispo was doing the 5/100 even some 6/100. Michigan is the move 🔥🔥 I got 5 gs of live resin for $100. Then I got 3 8ths of grizzley gas for 120.01. I put the penny bc it was buy any 2 8ths get 1 for a penny ! Im a med card holder so I was able to save the 10% tax. I recommend Jars and Levels.

  25. You got that backwards bro. No ones deliberately putting death oil in carts bro.

  26. Huh? I said who knows what’s in them? Nobody is deliberately putting straight gas oil and selling them for $10 in bulk. I think you may be his friend that traded the choice

  27. Just spouting random nonsense now. 😂 Live in fear ig

  28. Fear? Bro what🤣🤣 Id much rather go to the dispensary and spend the money on something pure then a lil choice cart 🤣🤣 sit down lil guy u may “smoke” but u don’t know quality

  29. Well I didn’t know it was saliva instead of sativa

  30. I don't work for any dispensary, ....but Liberty has done well by me. Granted every store is different, is every budtender. The Liberty store by me is rarely crowded when I go there, so maybe they can take more time with newbies like me,...or....I just got really lucky. I will give acknowledgement where credit is warranted. The only dispensary with which I have an occasional issue has been Trulieve .... order was wrong (twice) , l-o-n-g waits, grumpy and poor customer service. Again, that experience is occasional, and most visits are ok, but usually with long waits in the lobby ... but I would be irate if similar problems occurred at a pharmacy. It just seems like the entire Trulieve business model has much opportunity for systemic improvement. I don't think their stores are appropriately designed and staffed to handle the volume of business that they do.

  31. I agree 100%! I will give credit where do for sure. Trulieve has been good to me so far , only thing I do hate is the waits. Sometimes I’ll be in waiting room for maybe 5 min, other times 30-45 min. It’s crazy. Sometimes only 1 budtender working , but I’m always very nice and considerate they are the reason we get our meds!

  32. Change your address for your bank in Georgia to Florida

  33. For the piece of mail, does that also have to be in their name? Or do you mean to change my address on my own banking mail to florida and send that to them

  34. If your bank is in Georgia, say u are in Florida seasonally and need to change ur address to Florida. Once u get the notice of change of address you can then apply that to your application along with the letter , and the utility bill in the person u are staying withs name

  35. My pineapple upside down cake was dry too

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