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  1. Ich werf die Sahne weg und esse den Pudding darunter.

  2. Some tips I could give would be, first and foremost, join a server that matches and goes around your own interests, in order to be in a place where you are comfortable. Second, in smaller servers it tends to be easier to interact with people, given that there may be less chat traffic and your messages wouldn't get lost so easily. Third, if you find a place with good vibes for you, be cool, respect the rules, and try to add constructively to whatever conversation is going around, even if it's about the weather.

  3. Wow thank you! This actually helped me

  4. I didn't realized you could make so many plane jokes lol

  5. Das ist eine sehr gute Frage, eine bessere Frage wäre aber wie so dumme Fragen entstehen.

  6. ich_iel mag zwar echt "anders" sein, aber die Leute können echt knorke sein

  7. I mean his lifestyle might be healthy but no way you can reverse aging with just that. Spending 2 million a year for something you can do with like 0 dollars...

  8. German Asian here. The racism here is real. Sometimes I actually wish to live in California because there are more Asians. But there are too many barriers for me

  9. Macht was dich interessiert. Das ist der beste Tipp. Liest etwas über Informatik und wenn es dich langweilt dann ist es wahrscheinlich nichts für dich

  10. Who tf waste their time trying to find short people on the internet to insult them? Do they seriously not have any hobbies?

  11. Life isn't a path that is the same for everyone. It's not a race and therefore it's ok to eat ice cream at 3am as an adult lol

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