1. All previous fps halo games should go to mcc


  3. For honor players when they can’t automatically hard counter a brand new hero with new moves they haven’t fought against before

  4. Alright now one piece collab and add devil fruit mythics

  5. It’s the new fortnite guy no way

  6. They made 3 games on the fortnite skin holy shit

  7. How do the oracles in atheon work without mic?

  8. I knownits a joke but I still don't know how I feel about this. 😬

  9. Yeah there’s some weird people on this sub, don’t want to encourage them

  10. So will i not be able to buy dark souls on my series x after the 7th?

  11. thats the original, you can still buy the remastered version

  12. Robin and Luffy can just use their devil fruits to put the ball in the net instantly, Naruto’s team kinda gets shafted

  13. I’m gonna say Jolyne because she’s got a lot more experience under her belt and she’s much more of a ruthless fighter

  14. Josuke. His stand is stronger and has more options because of his extra hax.

  15. Jolyne has a lot more combat ability and is much more ruthless (unless the hair card is pulled) sure her stand is ass in comparison but she’s thrown hands with C-Moon and got pretty far

  16. I had a hot wheels toy car and also had a hot wheels game. If I turn off the computer, all media on that computer has been defeated. However, the hot wheels car is still there. Therefore, it survived a multiverse collapse.

  17. Fail to see where they’re wrong lol

  18. Master chief could beat Kratos, don’t remember the reasoning

  19. That doesn't change the fact that He has a universe level feat

  20. Twitter screenshots and wojaks fighting for most overused garbage frfr

  21. People who unironically feel quenched by anything with sugar in it- why?

  22. Sometimes the extra flavour is nice

  23. The other 2 level up a lot faster, I’d recommend playing them a bit to keep them up to power relatively so you have a warlock and titan for when you need them, that’s what I do

  24. I just want Chief to come back and I’ll be happy

  25. You will blow up but the Xbox will be fine

  26. Who gives a fuck except you obviously

  27. I don’t think you understand the problem with the image, it’s not the spy x family that is the problem

  28. Took me a sec to see the background, most sane spy x Family enjoyer

  29. 2016 with the one s, until then I had a second hand ps3 and a wii but I started buying halo toys because they were cool to me and I wanted to play the games so I bought the one s

  30. This is very specific to the recent vibe around LFGing deep stone crypt, especially on farming weeks;

  31. We call them Syria and Suck for the shade of oryx

  32. Vows third encounter is a terrible encounter

  33. That would look so good with the calling card attachment if it ever came back

  34. I use it along with the spade emblem backdrop on my mk7, I’m just waiting for the calling card

  35. New VA, new model, having to create and maintain new sets of armour (the game treats body types as different heroes), etc.

  36. All they’d have to do for LB is a VA, make it happen ubi

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