1. These men want to consume as many women as fucking humanly possible before they settle down, yet they want the woman they settle down with to be untouched.

  2. Dumb question maybe but why aren’t there many dispensaries in Wentzville? Are they just very anti-weed over there?

  3. If the show felt like it was improv, it was him. Interdimensional Cable, Morty's Mindblowers, etc.

  4. True, although we haven’t had any episodes like that in awhile, so it won’t be as shocking of a blow for me at least.

  5. The anti A3 people will just resort to their favorite insult by calling everyone who purchases a “SHILL”

  6. Nah it won’t bomb, but it sure as fuck ain’t grossing 1 billion like these fanatics are claiming.

  7. Was on invega for a year, it’s been 15 months since I got off it and I haven’t recovered.

  8. They aren’t going to have enough stock available for a few more weeks so it doesn’t matter

  9. “This will be the darkest MCU project we’ve done yet”

  10. This is what I did, mom is freaking me the fuck out tho so wondering if u heard anything different

  11. If you already bought the gun you don’t need to worry about anyone kicking down your door and taking it. I’ve had mine for 3 years now with no issues.

  12. Hate to say it but he’s probably right, the braindead fans would much rather consume the same shit that they are used to rather than try to watch something that actually had effort put into it.

  13. Lol let’s give the fans a taste of their own medicine and label anyone of them who disagrees as racist. 😆

  14. Those are good but I personally suck at opening those and have even wound up tearing the pre-roll as a result. 😢

  15. that moment where cap tries putting ultron in a chokehold is also dumb

  16. I wanna know why they would even bother drinking if they can’t get intoxicated, for the flavor?

  17. They're saving that. Like they saved using all the Infinity stones at once to Infinity War

  18. “Like they saved using all the infinity stones for “infinity war”

  19. I THINK it was this one, I actually don’t see as much negative comments as I thought but when I saw the post originally it was just posted and the first like 8 comments were like “fuck bale” so I’m guessing it needed time for the normal commenters to drown out the others.

  20. I hate the fans more than the films, they are toxic AF and are so religiously obsessed with defending Marvel over anything at all.

  21. I’ve had some reliable plugs as well as crappy ones, just remember that the latter can only fool you once.

  22. Why do the fans think this is going to shatter the box office? The first two ant man films weren’t exactly record breaking.

  23. So inspiring! What a heroic activist! who definitely is contributing to the betterment of society with merely words and definitely not just getting paid millions to act in a stupid ass marvel movie.

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