1. Uworld gives you a 90 day trial for L1 and they have 2 mocks. Highly recommend it

  2. Yes I recommend doing UWorld, questions are more difficult and have great explanations with visuals.

  3. Passed! Finishing up my Master's this semester so will have to wait on L2. The exam is very doable if you put in the work and practice!

  4. So far it's been super helpful for L1. It provides great explanations with visuals explaining concepts.

  5. When compounding plug in .016^365 not 1.6^365 then multiply by 100 after computed to display on a percentage basis.

  6. I think at this point it's about grinding Qbanks. I finished the MM bank and am going through UWorld next then CFAI. The more we can recall formulas in an applicable way the better.

  7. I've been making my own flashcards. If I get something wrong on a Qbank or need to work on a formula I will make one.

  8. Also wondering about this. I took an MM mock and plan to take a UWorld one this week.

  9. Please god let us hear this song

  10. When the hats come in bro oml

  11. I was able to watch this album be made while being an intern at a studio (eventually got hired) but i remember giving nudy a free drink from the vending machine and he nodded his head at me and let me sit in and watch a session for 3 hours. That was my introduction to audio engineering in the hip hop space and he is such a dope dude. This shit over the massive monitors in the main studio was mind blowing. People who decide whether they listen or like something based on a review are robot people.

  12. Rittenhouse get in house !!!

  13. Brad looks like Matt McCusker

  14. That opening chord so beautiful

  15. Why does carti look so different

  16. How can I get this as a print

  17. Not making prints but am selling individual illustrations for much less ! I’m on IG as @Wendedsay if you wanna see

  18. I’ll check it out thanks!

  19. Young nudy playing appreciation post

  20. This beat will forever blow my mind

  21. DM this to him if you haven’t yet

  22. How tf do people still care about Disney past 13 years old ?

  23. That could be the premise for a new Disney + show

  24. TIP, Wharton FinTech, and WSB for daily news

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