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  1. Thanks! I've done several and want to show the page host my expertise as a victim! :)

  2. Unfortunately you're not ebony. Wrong subreddit.

  3. Some kind of obscure post-war open-bolt SMG

  4. Good ​​​job ​​​on ​​​the ​video, the ​​​youtube ​algo ​should ​definitely ​​​pick ​it ​up. ​​Your Fabioman85 ​​​channel has ​​alot ​​of ​​​great ​​​stuff on ​it, ​​​what other ​​videos ​​​do you have ​​​planned? ​​​

  5. Nothing beats Albanian Futo GT

  6. Afrojack makes banges, but he's an asshole.

  7. The way this smooth brain insists on constantly looking at the camera even while he should obviously be looking at what the fuck he's doing, is so cringe.

  8. Try finding lesser known weapons

  9. Why do you capitalise the first letter of every word? Are you a bot or a 12 year old?

  10. I would eat it IRL. I love offal.

  11. That's really nice. Very expressive butthole, and the lighting perfectly compliments the wrinkles and winking.

  12. Wait, so poo is short for poo?

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