1. Yeah. Suddenly your loyality becomes 0 and you get 2% badge instead of 12% you were aiming for ... well played.

  2. Moving clan does not affect loyalty. It is to faction not clan.

  3. Ok so I only do this if we have a free win on saturday.

  4. I think if you are transparent with your clan, and you do it intentionally with their blessing, this could be a way for your clan to get stronger…

  5. Did you move from east to west coast? If so, it waits until the server time catches up to when you left on your old server.

  6. I absolutely love running Vithus (4pc) with Gloom (2pc).

  7. It depends if the skill has a beneficial effect. Did your teleport have the essence active that increases your movement speed after you use the dash? If so, it’s the movement speed bonus that procs vithus and not the dash.

  8. Sweet! Didn’t think of that. I really enjoy running 4pc/2pc vithu/gloom

  9. Worldstone Server: 7 big whales and 28 small whales.

  10. Thank you for your response! we will have at least 4 servers at this point. Not getting a huge amount of traction with this being downvoted and sinking into the abyss. At least I can make a bunch of ocean puns :) lol

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