Best Bear fight ever. The cameraman was safe since he was inside a circle.

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  1. With all these videos my first 5 minutes are always ensuring it's not a dude in a bear costume. Bears are surreal

  2. No chance for the white tank against the black submarine. Kek

  3. Love to see Mehdi Hasan topped like this

  4. about the 6500 dead workers , The 6500 is total deaths since Qatar received the rights to host the world cup.

  5. A Palestinian insensitive towards other people's death. What a sight

  6. Dumb? Them pearly wisdom brau come to Endia once.

  7. Isn't this the guy shot thrice by the Equaliser, The Accountant and John Wick?

  8. Am i the only one who read the comments with an indian accent in mind?

  9. Fuck you bastard you fuck bastard you fuck fuck you bastard

  10. It was the voice of Raj from the big bang theory if it makes it more conforting to you

  11. Why does that looks like some guy stretching his hole with his hands to my high ass?

  12. Only validity of the faith rests on the faith of the moderates that the crazies among them behead the challenger of the said faith as they wipe the slate clean using dishwashing items like "Islamo-soapia" and "Not all us" in popular media.

  13. Chances against a fighting bear increases to 50% when the other fighter is also a bear.

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