1. Hello, new to reddit and posting from my phone so no idea what I'm doing. I apologize for my incompetence In advance

  2. Whats your exact program like? Exercises, sets, reps.

  3. Sorry. Yeah the full set is all the above except legs 3x a week. Legs on its own day. Been doing that for 2 yrs.

  4. i watched most of it on 2x speed lol, but haven't gone through his blog - so if you can direct me to any of his work that may counter my criticisms, let me know. sorry if this is a long read but hopefully it gives you a lot of context.

  5. Because on a 6 day split I can train each group twice a week. I can't do that on a 4 day split.

  6. its possible with fullbody, upper/lower or push/pull.

  7. So with the 3/4 day split I've found if it's Full Body then Fatigue cripples the output on later muscle groups. You can mitigate this by alternating muscle groups to start the workout (eg. Start with legs on Monday, chest on weds, back on Fri), but that still means 2/3 workouts you'll have sub optimal stimulus on the majority of the body.

  8. PPL can be done 3x or 6x per week.

  9. What do your dumbbells go up to? If you want to make it dead simple - just pick one movement for each muscle group (and I’ll give you an example later). Then pick a weight and do a set to failure. Every workout add either weight or reps. So for example - on Monday you did dumbbell bench press 1 set to failure of 50lb dumbbells for 10 reps. On Wednesday, either grab the 55lb dumbbells and do a set to failure or do 11 total reps with 50lbs (can be a set of 5 then a set of 6). Rinse and repeat until you run out of weight or your sessions are taking too long - and in that case you’re going to need a gym. Pick from the below exercises or come up with your own if you want and you can have different workouts like an A/B workout with different exercises.

  10. I know many of you won't give the game a 2nd look but I figured might as well post it anyway

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