1. I made a post about this the day after the DLC that got no traction but I can give you my best explanation.

  2. Psions, yea they were easy to kill. Those cabal Phalynx tho would put their shields back up .25 seconds after you finally got their shield down by using your entire clip of your kinetic (on Contest)

  3. Yeah we did 4 runners too, idk how people did it with 2

  4. Lol I didn’t expect my day one load out to be stompees hunter but I was fast as fuck out there boiiiiii

  5. I was actually so happy my basic “add clear” loadout of Transversives with like Ghally or any other general add clear with my Crafted Forbearance didn’t have to change until 3rd encounter lmao

  6. Why? You can't jump correctly? Need help aiming, too?

  7. Me, having Flawlessed and Low Manned every currently available Raid, multiple Day One clears and Contest Mode clears, a 1.5 Trials KD with over 100 flawlesses.

  8. How is me proving I can, in fact, jump correctly and don’t need help aiming possibly a “swing and a miss”?

  9. People deadass think this raid gear isn’t the coolest shit Bungie has come up with in years

  10. Contest mode with be capped at 1780 so as long as you got that you're good

  11. Yes thank you! I have since making this post, seen the tweet announcement

  12. 1810 is the pinnacle cap yes, but power cap is 1800, I’m assuming the raid is 20 under power cap like in witch queen, where the pinnacle was 1560 and the power cap is 1550

  13. Imagine wanting something really good from a game company? What a bunch of moaning Minnie's. Take what you're given and LIKE IT!

  14. But dont you think we should learn why the important thing is important in the main quest and not after it from side quests?

  15. Time wasn’t really much of a luxury in this DLC we boot-leggedly hitched a ride to Neptune by accident on an invading ship. The whole DLC we were much more focused on protecting the thing from immediate threat that was literally at its doorstep instead of spending time studying it.

  16. I did it flat out legit. Didn’t cheese a Tormentor off the edge or anything.

  17. I realized this while I was at work today I was PISSED for 4 hours

  18. The reason Shadebinder got hard nerfed in the first few days is because the projectiles were literally broken—not OP like Behemoth, but literally broken. They would basically curve 90° to hit the target, and only after the nerf was it normal OP.

  19. So the super with the movement of a Dawnblade and 300% damage resistance that CC’d everyone around it to freeze them for 5 whole seconds was…

  20. Dude who bought Tesla at $850 and thought he was king for selling at $1000

  21. Well the good news is you got one of the absolute hardest ones done first so it’s pretty much down hill from here

  22. That’s because flawless is ironically an inherently flawed system. The odds of consistently going 7-0 in a fair system is practically 0, not because of the system but because winning 7 times in a row is an irrational goal. The only way someone could go flawless each week is by stomping noobs in it for a chance at reeds regret.

  23. So you’re advocating for literally everybody only being able to achieve 1 single flawless by a literal lottery winning percentage each week.

  24. Bad news dude, I think you’re arguing pvp with people that don’t play it

  25. Yea you’re right, which goes hand in hand with my reasoning behind being glad Bungie doesn’t just listen to trash cans that don’t play pvp about pvp changes

  26. Okay, but what the fuck is that for a traffic lane?!

  27. VoG is possible with 3 people but much, much harder than doing it with 5 or 6. You would also have to do a finisher bug in the final encounter and some cheese strats with stasis on the gatekeeper encounter most likely unless there are new strats I don’t know about.

  28. Finisher to stay in Atheon area was fixed a couple seasons back, so was finisher to drop Rivne’s Heart in LW.

  29. “It was below 0 degrees today so Global Warming is a myth!”

  30. With only 37 total matches on the account, this isn’t enough data to give a true analysis of

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